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Waters Quattro micro API

Waters Quattro micro API

Developed for routine HPLC/MS/MS quantitative applications and qualitative screening, the Quattro micro™ API is an affordable, high quality tandem quadrupole MS delivering superior levels of sensitivity, selectivity, robustness, speed, and accuracy.    

This system enables you to reach lower detection limits and increase sample throughput for all of your quantitative applications: ADME screening, food safety, environmental monitoring, clinical, bioavailability, and more.    


  • Accurate, reproducible chromatographic peak area measurement  
  • Robust ZSpray™ atmospheric pressure ionization interface  
  • Versatile range of ionization options  
  • Multimode capability in a single run  
  • Automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools  
  • Dedicated application managers for your specialized analytical requirements 
  • Small footprint that sits easily on your laboratory benchtop 

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