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Waters Quattro Premier XE

Developed for your most demanding LC/MS/MS quantitative applications, the Quattro Premier™ XE tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer features the highest levels of sensitivity, selectivity, robustness, speed and accuracy. To maximize the analytical advantages of your ACQUITY UPLC® System, the Quattro Premier XE operates at the highest data acquisition rates. Together, the ACQUITY UPLC® System and the Quattro Premier XE give you industry-leading analytical detection limits, resolution and sample throughput for all of your quantitative applications: Bioanalysis, ADME screening, food safety, environmental monitoring, clinical and more.    


  • The best in accuracy and reproducibility of chromatographic peak area measurement   
  • Robust ZSpray™ atmospheric pressure ionization interface
  • Versatile range of ionization options, including multi-mode ionization capability in a single run  
  • Optional QuanOptimize™ automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools 
  • TargetLynx™ dedicated application managers for your specialized analytical requirements
  • Small footprint that sits easily on your laboratory benchtop