The second generation SYNAPT™ G2 platform from Waters provides a new dimension of performance to drive scientific discovery like never before. We’ve combined QuanTof™ — breakthrough quantitative Tof technology — and enhanced High Definition MS™ technologies to provide you with intuitive operation, application flexibility and a totally new level of performance for all your applications.     SYNAPT G2 HDMS is a high resolution exact mass MS/MS platform designed to get you to the right result, faster — no matter how challenging your application is. When you want to reach beyond the boundaries of conventional mass spectrometry, SYNAPT™ G2 High Definition Mass Spectrometry™ (HDMS™) provides a new dimension to your discovery capability. By enabling you to differentiate samples by size, shape, and charge — as well as mass — this unique capability allows you to make discoveries that simply aren’t possible any other way.

Waters SYNAPT G2

Redefining Resolution - Resolution in 3 Dimensions                 
Information. Informatics. Impact. SYNAPT provides the most complete characterization of complex mixtures and molecules with unique levels of MS performance, industry leading informatics and unparalleled platform versatility.             
  • Superior separation with high-efficiency T-Wave IMS              
  • Ultimate UPLC/MS/MS performance              
  • Data independent & data dependant T-Wave IMS solutions              
  • CID and ETD fragmentation capabilities              
  • Wide range of experimental options              
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