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Waters UPLC

Waters UPLC

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The Waters Open Architecture UPLC® System allows chemists in discovery labs who share LC and LC/MS systems to easily access the robust resolution and throughput performance of ACQUITY UPLC® with limited changes to their existing workflow.

The Open Architecture UPLC System, featuring a programmable open-bed 2777C or 2777 Sample Manager, enables chemists to:
  • Easily walk up to the instrument, log-in, insert vials, initiate an analysis, and obtain results via email in quick turnaround times
  • Execute generic screening methods faster and at higher resolution
  • Use UPLC’s higher-quality data to make better-informed decisions about new chemical entities more quickly, and with more confidence
  • Maximize the number of analyses per synthetic chemist that can be performed per day

The key feature of the Open Architecture UPLC System is its incorporation of the Waters EverFlow™ Injection Valve in the flat-bed sample manager platform, which enables the instrument to operate reliably at high pressures and low dispersion volumes – over a lifetime of 100,000 injections. This allows medicinal chemists to take full advantage of high flow rates, maximum pressure, and fast cycles required by high throughput applications, including:
  • Reaction monitoring
  • Compound verification
  • Fraction purity checks
  • Final product analysis