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New and used ZEISS LIBRA 200 FE's for sale on LabX below. Find the ad listing you need and get price quotes from a variety of vendors.

The LIBRA® 200 FE is the first EFTEM that combines the versatility of the new In-column corrected OMEGA energy filter with a highly efficient field emission system and Koehler illumination.     

The prealigned OMEGA filter provides fully integrated filtered imaging and spectroscopy capabilities for comprehensive analysis in semiconductor, material analysis and life science research. Consequently, the LIBRA® 200 FE ensures that you obtain optimum results from your sample with genuine ease of operation in EFTEM, EELS, HRTEM, STEM and diffraction work.     

The new 2nd order corrected spectrometer allows unrivalled isochromatic sample viewing areas and diffraction angle acceptance at sub-eV energy resolution. Excellent instrument performance results from the advanced 300 mm column concept and the newly developed control electronics for sub-ppm stability.     

The LIBRA® 200 FE is operated through dedicated control panels and the WinTEM™ GUI following the successful philosophy of the SEM instruments for maximum convenience and consistent look-and-feel operation across the complete EM product range.