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From Imaging to Multipurpose Nano-analysis Lab for Challenging Research Activities

MERLIN Compact and MERLIN VP Compact with the proven GEMINI I electron column enable high-resolution imaging up to 0.8 nm (STEM mode) and nano-analytics.               

Receive maximum information from your sample with the new on-axis in-lens Duo detector, which can be switched between ultra-high resolution in-lens secondary electron (SE) imaging and on energy selective backscattered detection (EsB) capable of detecting smallest differences in materials composition.               

Thanks its modular chamber design, variable pressure options, over 15 ports, and a wealth of application-specific modules including atomic force microscopy (AFM), in-situ ultra microtomy, large area mapping, and local charge compensation for convenient imaging of non-conductive samples your Merlin Compact comes with the flexibility to grow with your applications to a comprehensive nano-characterization laboratory.