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Zeiss Plan Apochromat and Axioplan Microscopes

Zeiss Plan Apochromat and Axioplan Microscopes

Whether in R&D, quality control or failure analysis, the challenges facing materials microscopy are becoming greater every day. With the triedandtested Axio Imager system platform from Carl Zeiss you will be able to win these challenges. The Axio Imager microscopes offer the very highest quality: sharper images, higher optical and operational performance with greater comfort – not only in research, but also in routine applications. Axio Imager 2 stands out thanks to its sophisticated operating concept and flexible interfaces for external communication and network connections. And Carl Zeiss’ future-oriented modular concept means that these durable and robust systems will be able to cope with any future requirements that arise.   

Zeiss Plan Apochromat and Axioplan Microscopes allow you to analyze cell images with a wide range of user friendly, state of the art systems. 

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