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We have been selling and designing Lab technology with the factor of economics integrated into the cost , which means our development is designed to utilize data, confirming New inventions in the field that hold water. Rotovap® technology is based on: Extraction, Distilling, softly and as naturally as nature can. Rotovap® our idea is to be able to collect a raw cold softly press like function that least disturb the raw essentials as if it they were just dripped out and collected. this is all possible with a liquid a solid a vortex (like the spinning of planets) a vacuum like deep space and cool temperatures of evaporation from cold and warm coming in contact with each other in these conditions.
Our warranty is exceptional, above the standards 1 year parts and labor buyer pays all shipping cost this is for any item we sale (except glassware). We except change of mind 20% RESTOCK FEE or shipping cost whichever is higher we also offer free Technical support as long as you own our product. We accept paypal credit. We also provide , paypal checkout
we ship internationally, to mainland USA and hawaii all US territory and all scientific outpost's, yes the Arctic. when the time comes, to the moon.

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