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OUR MISSION: Is to continue to modernize the rotary evaporator by developing the most effective and sought-after products on the market today.

HOW WE DO IT: Ecodyst is the innovative creator of the next generation of rotary evaporators. Our proprietary self-cooling technology has revolutionized the rotary evaporator to increase efficiency and output while reducing the operational costs, footprint, and labor requirements. This disruptive technology will ultimately set new standards worldwide for scientific instruments. Our product line has a wide range of models, including benchtop systems for discovery chemistry and industrial models for process chemistry and commercial applications.

WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT: We pride ourselves on our dedication to exponential improvement.

Exponential improvement is defined as “improvement that drastically increases customer results and satisfaction.” Until Ecodyst, the rotary evaporator market had been operating on an incremental improvement model, using the same fundamental design for the last sixty years. Our innovations are based on our own personal experience with frustrating rotary evaporator designs. Each Ecodyst system is built with a commitment to radical improvement and solid craftsmanship.

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