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Full Spectrum Analytics

Full Spectrum Analytics

Full Spectrum Analytics (FSA) has been recognized as the leading service and support provider in the analytical instrument marketplace for over 25 years. We have taken our multi-vendor service and support expertise, and expanded our offerings with refurbished pre-owned analytical instruments. There are no compromises on the quality and performance of our refurbished pre-owned instruments. We stand behind the quality of our pre-owned instruments. We offer a 12-month warranty if you allow us to do the installation.
Our refurbished pre-owned instruments are comprehensively tested to withstand the day-to-day laboratory operation. We stand behind the quality of our pre-owned instruments, and will cover repairs for 12 months unless otherwise stated on a separate cover or on a signed quotation. Parts, travel and labor are included with the warranty. Consumables items such as, but not limited to; septa, lamps, multipliers, ferrules, needles, syringes and glassware are not covered under warranty. Instruments must be professionally installed by qualified service personnel in order to validate this warranty. We strongly recommend that our service professional installs your system to avoid any warranty issues. We are not responsible for specialized applications (regulated or non-regulated methods). System applications, specific tuning, target compounds calibration, data analyses and data management are the responsibility of the customer. We also offer an optional extended warranty after the end of the 12-month warranty which you can purchase at the time of sale. No returns or exchanges will be accepted. All sales are final. If a return is granted for any reason, a 20% restocking fee will incur, in addition to shipping expenses
Freight Shipping and Handling is estimated on the quote, and payable during the final sale transaction.

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