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Lumex Instruments

For 30 years, Lumex Instruments has been developing and manufacturing laboratory and industrial analytical equipment, instruments, and procedures. Our products are used for environmental control, water and wastewater treatment, agriculture, food and beverage quality and safety control, energy industry, and pharmaceutical and biochemical applications. Lumex Instruments offers more than 150 applications for the measurement of organic and inorganic chemicals in liquid, solid and gas. We offer both traditional and new ingenious solutions, unique technologies and classical equipment, well-established reliable applications and innovative methods. From the beginning of the company, we have developed, manufactured, and sold more than 20,000 instruments.

Our products include:

• Capillary electrophoresis systems

≺ Mercury analyzers and monitors

• PCR analyzers

• Atomic absorption spectrometers

• FTIR and NIR Spectrometers

• Fluorimeters and more

We combine high-quality standards with the flexible customized approach because we care about efficiency of our customer operations. All our innovations are targeted to make the analyses cost-efficient, easy to run, and the instruments easy to maintain and service. We proudly deliver our products and services all around the world and we enjoy working with our valued customers and partners in many industries and countries. With customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, Lumex Instruments has several offices and multiple distributors around the world. A significant number of our applications are developed in accordance with international standards, such as ASTM, ISO, EN, and EPA.

All Lumex Instruments’ products are covered by a 12-month warranty.

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