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Strategies for High-quality Recombinant Protein Production

Thu, Sep 8th 2022, 3:00 PM

To study the structure and biochemistry of a protein, it is important to acquire protein preparations with high purity, homogeneity, and stability. Most proteins are of low abundance in nature, thus a method to generate large quantity of proteins is desired. Recombinant protein expression technique was established in the early 1970s and since then has paved a gateway for modern protein biochemistry.

In this talk, Dr. Yuning Chen from Sino Biological will review strategies involved in recombinant protein production, particularly focus on construct design, culture optimization, and purification methods to provide the audience with a gateway to the field of recombinant protein expression.

Learning objectives:

  1. What are recombinant proteins and their roles in modern biotechnology?
  2. Recombinant protein expression: host systems and general workflow
  3. Strategies for recombinant protein construct design
  4. Methods for optimal recombinant protein expression and purification