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Ultra-Rapid Droplet Digital PCR: Tumor Samples to Results in 15 Minutes

Thu, Aug 1st 2024, 5:00 PM

The diagnosis and treatment of tumors critically depend on molecular-genetic data, but this information is not currently available during surgery. Dr. Evrony’s group, in collaboration with neurosurgeon Dr. Daniel Orringer, developed Ultra-Rapid droplet digital PCR (UR-ddPCR). This method allows for ddPCR to be performed in 15 minutes, from tissue to result, with an accuracy comparable to standard ddPCR. We developed UR-ddPCR assays for the IDH1 R132H and BRAF V600E clonal mutations that are present in many low-grade gliomas and melanomas, respectively.

Importantly, we demonstrated the clinical feasibility of UR-ddPCR by performing it intraoperatively in 13 glioma surgeries. Join us for this webinar, as well as the live Q&A, and discover how UR-ddPCR may enable new types of point-of-care diagnostics and molecularly guided surgeries.