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The Right SEM at the Right Price! Our business is to provide you the right Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) at the right price. We carry every major brand of used SEM, all of wh ...
Ad 416259
Used Scanning Electron Microscopes from SEMTech
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For Sale
Make: Zeiss Tetrad  Price: $2,750.00
Ad 2014803
Zeiss Tetrad
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For Sale
Make: Olympus BX50 Upright  Price: $4,000.00
Ad 2052761
Olympus BX50 Upright
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For Sale
Make: Dens Solutions SH30  Price: Please Email
Complete plug and play package for In-situ TEM heating experiments. Compatible with FEI Titan, Tecnai, and CM series (Pole Piece: ST, XT, T, BioT) Includes: Dens SH30 Holder Holde ...
Ad 1958708
Dens Solutions SH30
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For Sale
Make: Hitachi TM3000  Price: Please Email
Popular Hitachi TM3000 Tabletop SEM for sale. Also available with a used Bruker Quantax 70 EDS system.  Original Performance Specifications: Magnification 20~30,000x (plus 2x a ...
Ad 1909703
Hitachi TM3000
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For Sale
Make: Zeiss (LEO) 1530 FEG SEM  Price: Please Email
Used Zeiss (LEO) Thermal FEG SEM for sale.   This system is in excellent condition and was fully functional and maintained under continous service contract when de-ins ...
Ad 1909662
Zeiss (LEO) 1530 FEG SEM
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For Sale
Make: JEOL JXA-733 + (2X) EDAX 132-10  Price: $21,000.00
   37 pictures included for your Viewing Sale for Jeol Electron Probe X-Ray Micro-Analyzer Model JXA-733 with Tons of Accessoeies. These has been de ...
Ad 1859205
JEOL JXA-733 + (2X) EDAX  132-10
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For Sale
Make: Olympus America Olympus Microscope BX51WI  Price: $19,500.00
Olympus Microscope BX51 Water Immersion DIC Fluorescence   Olympus BX51 WI Stand U-ETR3 Erect Image WI Trinocular Head (includes camera amount shown or 0.5X camera mount) W ...
Ad 1835346
Olympus America Olympus Microscope BX51WI
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For Sale
Make: Zeiss Zeiss Microscope Axio Imager M.1.  Price: $5,500.00
Zeiss Microscope Axio Imager M.1 Complete and Serviced   Zeiss Axio Imager M.1 Stand Motorized Flipout condenser MCX-2 eco motorized stage with control box with slide holder ...
Ad 1822012
Zeiss Zeiss Microscope Axio Imager M.1.
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For Sale
Make: Leitz Orthoplan  Price: 2,000.00
Leitz Orthoplan Trinocular Scope.  Objectives include 25x, 40x EF and 100x EF oil.  Scope was professionally serviced and cleaned in 2008, then covered and stored in a cabinet sinc ...
Ad 1818849
Leitz Orthoplan

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