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Sierra BioSystems

Sierra BioSystems’ mission is to increase access to the tools of genetic research around the world.

Sierra BioSystems is an enterprise founded by engineers in biotechnology, looking to solve the problems behind the high costs of synthetic DNA. Answering this call brought the first addition into a new line of synthesizers – the Shasta 96/192 – an instrument that proved small scales at high-throughput can be achieved without sacrificing quality. Sierra BioSystems has also partnered with K&A to offer the best in low-throughput synthesizers – the “H” series – closed column synthesizers that provide unbeatable versatility and decades long reliability.

Located in Sonora, CA, we neighbor Yosemite National Park, the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Each instrument is designed and built on-site at our facility located directly en route to the Sonora Pass. We always encourage visitors to come tour our facility and then take a drive through some of the most magnificent vistas offered by the California wilderness.

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