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For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: JEOL JSM-6490LV Scanning Electron Microscope  Price: Please Call
  DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS AMAZING DEAL! The JSM-6490LV is a high-performance, scanning electron ...
Ad 2308991
JEOL JSM-6490LV Scanning Electron Microscope

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi S-4500  Price: 75000.00
Fully operational, recently serviced.   Refurbished Hitachi S-4500 with EDX Scanning Electron System (Type II) CONFIGURATION: Refurbished to meet original specs Cold emiss ...
Ad 2296774
Hitachi S-4500
For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi TM-1000 Tabletop SEM  Price: 20000
The Hitachi TM-1000 is a reliable, accurate, and compact SEM at an affordable price. Easy maintanance and pump-down times provide the user with little down-time and the ability to run many s ...
Ad 2284261
Hitachi TM-1000 Tabletop SEM

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi S-4800-II  Price: 220000
The Hitachi S-4800-II is a Field Emission SEM that excels at ultra high resolution scanning. It is equipped with a 5-axis motorized stage and a user-friendly GUI. Also utilizes beam decelera ...
Ad 2284260
Hitachi S-4800-II

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi S5500  Price: 180000
Excellent Condition Hitachi S-5500 Cold FEG SEM with SE/BSE/DF-STEM mode.   Resolution: 0.4 nm at 30 kV (SE)   Also available for lease, p ...
Ad 2274548
Hitachi S5500

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Aspex Personal SEM  Price: 4000.00
ASPEX personal scanning electron microscope.  Includes rolling desk with display monitors.  Equipped with, Electron X-Ray Analyzer, EDS Detector, Secondary Elec ...
Ad 2246055
Aspex Personal SEM

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi Hitachi S4500 SEM  Price: 75000
The Hitachi S4500 FEG SEM is a premier imager and still desirable in the marketplace today. For sale is one refurbished 4500.  Install is not included in the price quoted, but could ...
Ad 2233481
Hitachi Hitachi S4500 SEM

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi Hitachi 3000H SEM  Price: 22000
The S-3000H is a conventional high vacuum SEM with Win OS GUI. The Hitachi 3000H has been designed to provide exceptional ease-of-use and expansiveness for future needs ...
Ad 2233480
Hitachi Hitachi 3000H SEM

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi TM1000 Table Top SEM  Price: Best Offer
Small and compact and easy to use, this Hitachi table top SEM is a perfect addition for your lab. Simple to operate, simple to load samples, and easy to get a nice SEM image. Contact u ...
Ad 2233478
Hitachi TM1000 Table Top SEM

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: FEI Company Tecnai  Price: 0.00
ONLINE AUCTION. ENDS AUGUST 22ND, 2016. REFERENCE # 3210-223. FEI Tecnai 12T transmission electron microscope; 20-120kV TEM; Resolution, d=0.2nm(2A)) with an AMT XR-80 mid-mounted digital ...
Ad 2226913
FEI Company Tecnai
For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi HD2000 STEM  Price: Please Email
Specifications STEM Resolution : 0.24 nm Detectors:   HAADF detector -- Z-contrast imaging  Bright field detector -- Phase-contrast imaging  Secondary electron det ...
Ad 2178901
Hitachi HD2000 STEM

Announcement Listings
The Right SEM at the Right Price! Our business is to provide you the right Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) at the right price. We carry every major brand of used SEM, all of wh ...
Ad 416259
Used Scanning Electron Microscopes from SEMTech

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: FEI Quanta 200  Price: Please Call
  The Quanta 200 SEM is a flexible, simple-to-use instrument. It can be operated regular high-vacu ...
Ad 2149628
FEI Quanta 200

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Philips Philips CM 10  Price: 85000
We have a Philips CM 10 TEM that we are putting the finishing touches on. Its comes with a 10 Meg CMOS projection chamber camera ("Bottom Mount") complete with editing and annotati ...
Ad 2095177
Philips Philips CM 10

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Zeiss EVO 50  Price: 90,000.00
The Zeiss EVO 50 is an easy to use, powerful SEM. Designed to have an easy to understand workflow and powerful automated features, it can be operated with minimal training. It is equipped wi ...
Ad 2015200
Zeiss EVO 50

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Phenom-World G2Pro  Price: 25000
Phenom G2 pro is the most effective, versatile and fastest desktop SEM available. Its unique design makes it suitable for use in a large variety of applications and markets. Specificati ...
Ad 2013649
Phenom-World G2Pro

New Product For Sale Listings
New Products
Make: Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation NX9000  Price: Please Call
High Precision 3D Structural Analysis Realized with Proprietary Column Configuration Real-time 3D analytical FIB*1-SEM*2 composite instrument, NX9000 The new instrument features improv ...
Ad 721072
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation NX9000

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Dens Solutions SH30  Price: Please Email
Complete plug and play package for In-situ TEM heating experiments. Compatible with FEI Titan, Tecnai, and CM series (Pole Piece: ST, XT, T, BioT) Includes: Dens SH30 Holder Holde ...
Ad 1958708
Dens Solutions SH30

Wanted Listings
Make: ZEISS Gemini  Price: Best Offer
Arian System Khayam, a private company, is seeking for new or used electron microscopy system (FESEM)  with STEM facilities to best offered price.  Kind regards Behzad P ...
Ad 1957549

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi TM1000  Price: Please Email
Original Performance Specifications: Magnification 20~10,000x (2x, 4x digital zoom) Accelerating Voltage 15kV  Hi Sensitivity Solid-State Backscattered Detector Standard obs ...
Ad 1909704
Hitachi TM1000

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi TM3000  Price: Please Email
Popular Hitachi TM3000 Tabletop SEM for sale. Also available with a used Bruker Quantax 70 EDS system.  Original Performance Specifications: Magnification 20~30,000x (plus 2x a ...
Ad 1909703
Hitachi TM3000

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Hitachi S-2460N  Price: Please Email
This is low cost solution for basic SEM needs. Or can be used as a spare parts tool. Available as-is where-is. Willing to listen to any offer.  Resolution (high vacuum mode): 4 nm ...
Ad 1909694
Hitachi S-2460N

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: Zeiss LEO 1450VP  Price: Please Email
This SEM has a large chamber, motorized stage, variable pressure vacuum, and Tungsten (or LaB6) source.   Original Performance Specifications: Electron Source: L ...
Ad 1909690
Zeiss LEO 1450VP

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: JEOL 5600LV  Price: Please Email
This microscope is an excellent intro level SEM. It's in very good condition. It has low vacuum capability, and was used in a biol / life science lab, along with a sputter ...
Ad 1909682

For Sale Listings
For Sale
Make: JEOL 5900LV  Price: Please Email
This is a unique analytical SEM with large chamber / motorized stage plus EDS and IXRF uFocus tube.  Original Performance Specifications: Tungsten (W) Electron Sou ...
Ad 1909678

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