Reasons to Upgrade your Ultra-Low Lab Freezer

Product: TSX Series Ultra-Low Upright Freezers (The TSX Series is available in 3 models of the TSX400 and 2 models of the TSX600. They are named based on their capacity to hold 400 and 600 2-inch freezer boxes, respectively.)

Company: ThermoFisher Scientific

We interviewed Andrew Dunn, Senior Marketing Communications Manager - Cold Storage Laboratory Equipment, at ThermoFisher Scientific, for this article.

ThermoFisher Scientific manufactures and sells laboratory fridges and freezers under the trade name ThermoScientific™. is pleased to feature the new TSX Series Ultra-Low upright freezers in this installment of Reasons to Upgrade. If you are considering buying a new ultra-low (-86°C) freezer or replacing your current freezer, believes there are three especially good reasons to consider upgrading to ThermoScientific’s TSX Series.

1.Energy savings. According to Andrew Dunn, “a typical ultra-low freezer uses as much energy in a day as an entire house does in a week, so for the sake of a lab’s power bills, why wouldn’t they want something that will reduce energy by as much as 50%?” (The TSX400 models use 7.9 kWh per day). He further explained: “these energy savings are the result of a special technology called V-drive that adjusts compressor speed to adapt to usage patterns such as frequent door openings and periods of stability, such as overnight and on the weekends.” The temperature can be set to higher temperatures (-50°C or -70°C) if you don’t need the –86°C capacity. Finally, the V-drive allows the TSX Series to emit less heat into your lab, which can lower HVAC costs.

2.Environmental sustainability. The TSX Series is environmentally friendly beyond energy savings. Here are three features that help:

  • The natural hydrocarbon refrigerants are compatible with the U.S. EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy guidelines (SNAP)

  • The water-blown foam insulation also conforms to SNAP

  • Manufactured in an award-winning zero-waste facility in Asheville, NC where all of the waste is either recycled or used for waste-to-energy production. Nothing at that facility is sent to a landfill.

Environmental sustainability is important. Not only are many customers looking to reduce costs, some have corporate sustainability goals or carbon reduction credits that they are trying to meet. For many companies, achieving ISO certification (or some other energy or environmental sustainability accreditation) is an increasingly important part of their corporate image and marketing strategy.

Mr. Dunn went on to add that while ‘quiet’ is not strictly an environmental issue, it does make for a better working environment in the lab. The TSX Series is up to 20x quieter than some other ultra-low freezers. “You can comfortably work alongside the TSX, rather than have it out in the hallway.” This enhances accessibility to your samples and their security. In addition, many local fire regulations do not allow equipment in hallways.

3.Enhanced reliability. Ultimately, you want to know your samples are securely stored at the desired temperature. The TSX series comes with these features:

  • Low temperature fluctuations, with a door-opening recovery time of 17 minutes for the TSX400; 24 minutes for the TSX600

  • Two inner doors

  • 7-day temperature record monitoring

  • Secured by key lock (it is also padlock compatible)

  • Compatible with CO2 or LN2 backup refrigerant systems

  • Touch-screen user interface to adjust controls and monitor performance

  • Setpoint Security to allow only registered users with passwords to access and change settings

  • Upright configuration, so it has a lower footprint

You can find out more about the specifications of the TSX models on