Product News

Trinity Is a New System for GPC/SEC Apr 18, 2024 The Trinity triple detector combines high-performance chromatographic detector technologies and powerful, yet easy to use software into an advanced triple detector GPC/SEC system.
Cytiva Unveils the Xcellerex Compact Single-Use Magnetic Mixing System Apr 17, 2024 Sized in 2,000 and 3,000 L capacities, the mixer offers several configurations to cater to diverse mixing processes.
Launch of the QbD1200+ Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Apr 16, 2024 The new analyzer features a digital non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) with auto-correct drift to ensure long-term stability.
Metrohm Introduces OMNIS NIRS Apr 12, 2024 The introduction of OMNIS NIRS brings three specialized configurations to cater to different sample types: OMNIS NIRS Liquid for liquid samples, OMNIS NIRS Solid for solid and viscous materials, and OMNIS NIRS Liquid/Solid for dual sample analysis.
Luma Lab Connect Unlocks the Untapped Value of Lab Instrument Data Apr 11, 2024 The digital transformation of R&D labs has created new challenges for lab managers and IT leaders as they pursue a multimodal approach to discoveries—from the early stages of collecting, collating, backing up, and making the data accessible, to the more valuable steps of parsing, standardizing, modeling, and processing the data.
Launch of Alliance iS Bio HPLC System to Help Biopharma QC Labs Apr 10, 2024 The new HPLC system combines advanced bio-separation technology and built-in instrument intelligence features.
New ENERGY STAR Certified TSX Universal Series ULT Freezers Apr 09, 2024 With Universal V-Drive technology, tighter control, faster recovery times, universal voltage, and an expanded setpoint range, the TSX Universal Series seamlessly adapts to diverse workflows, from high-use academic labs to longer-term storage facilities.
Multi-level, Liquid Stable Clinical Reference Materials for Ethanol Testing Apr 04, 2024 Certain to address the needs of a wide variety of medical laboratory professionals, Verichem’s clinical reference materials for Ethanol come in a ready-to-use, liquid stable format which incorporates the serum-like reactivity of a protein-based matrix, coupled with the volumetric accuracy of an absolute standard.
New Advanced Dilution System, ADS2, to Increase Lab Efficiency Apr 03, 2024 Designed to integrate seamlessly with Agilent autosamplers, ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments and software, it offers a fully integrated, single-supplier automated solution.
LInspector™ Edge In-Line Mass Profilometer Will Improve Battery Performance Mar 27, 2024 The LInspector Edge analyzer introduces the next generation of metrology capabilities through a new analytical technique, in-line mass profilometry, measuring complete edge-to-edge coating profiles in milliseconds with unprecedented resolution and precision.
New Automated VROC® Initium One plus Viscometer Mar 26, 2024 With no human intervention after sample loading, the initium one plus can now test and analyze 96 samples in less than 24 hours.
SemaCyte Multiplexing Platform Enhances Cell Assay Data Quality Mar 20, 2024 The SemaCyte Multiplexing Platform uses optical barcodes to tag and differentiate individual cells and cell types while preserving natural morphology, with each microcarrier capable of carrying millions of unique identifiers.
Revolutionizing Nanoparticle Analysis with the CytoFLEX Nano Flow Cytometer Mar 19, 2024 With unrivaled sensitivity to detect, count, and characterize nanoparticles using a single analytical instrument, the CytoFLEX nano Flow Cytometer offers simultaneous multiparameter detection powered by six fluorescent detection channels and five side scatter channels.
Malvern Panalytical Launches Mastersizer 3000+ Mar 15, 2024 The Mastersizer 3000+ provides outstanding versatility and ease-of-use via powerful integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and data-science-driven software solutions for method development support, data quality feedback, instrument monitoring, and troubleshooting advice.
New Range of PORO–FRIT™ Filters Mar 14, 2024 Available in a wide range of diameters from 20-200 mm, and with a porosity between 2 and 20 microns, these multilayer sintered wire mesh filters are self-standing and inherently stable.
Nicolet Apex FTIR Is a Versatile Solution for Analytical Applications Mar 11, 2024 The innovative Nicolet Apex spectrometer offers advanced features, improved performance and enhanced analytical capabilities compared to similar commercially available solutions, with the introduction of the fast TE-MCT detector and the intuitive Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Paradigm Software.
Next-Generation Multi-gas Analysis Technology, the GASERA ONE PULSE+ Mar 08, 2024 GASERA ONE PULSE+ leverages Gasera's patented photoacoustic spectroscopy technology to deliver unparalleled sensitivity, with detection levels reaching parts-per-billion (ppb).
The RITrack ‘CTag Pack’ Can Help with Tracking Existing Labware Mar 07, 2024 The patent pending RITrack technology allows the identity and location of up to 96 individual coded tubes in a rack to be stored using RFID / NFC technology.
STRmix Team Launches STRmix™ NGS Mar 06, 2024 NGS, also known as MPS (Massively Parallel Sequencing), is an emergent DNA profiling technology offering ultra-high throughput, scalability, and speed.
New EcoDrive Series Comes Equipped with Energy-Conserving Eco Mode Setting Mar 05, 2024 Durable and reliable, NAVAC Vacuum’s EcoDrive series provides highly reliable performance for applications where eco-friendliness is emphasized.
PEAK Scientific Announces It Can Now Take Orders for Horizen 24 Mar 01, 2024 Horizen 24 has been designed with new technology inside, including heat optimization technology to protect the membrane from water droplets, enhancing performance and reliability in the gas stream.
New MAG and HEATMAG Simplifies Magnetic Bead Purification Feb 29, 2024 The MAG and HEATMAG modules are designed to revolutionize the speed and simplicity of magnetic bead purification.
Announcing the Release of the New TruScan G3 Handheld Raman Analyzer Feb 27, 2024 Near real-time, non-destructive identification of a broad range of raw materials, in-process substances and finished drug products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
SWIFT Safety Glasses and Over-the-Glasses Goggle Collection Feb 27, 2024 Combining durability, comfort, and style, the collection includes the SWIFT and SWIFT OTG (over-the-glasses).
Introducing the Envision NTA Nanoparticle Analyzer Feb 26, 2024 Developed to address the limitations of the previous generations of NTA/PTA instruments, the Envision enhances analytical capabilities while improving data reliability and ease of use.
The Spectrus Manager JS Will Help Unlock the Value of Instrument Data Feb 26, 2024 The software will help unlock the value of instrument data for lab and data scientists, and help organizations meet digital transformation goals.
The Handheld 2 Tube Reader Offers Rapid Results Feb 23, 2024 The intuitive device software comes pre-loaded and boots up immediately allowing you to read tube codes, review or edit the tube contents, and use preloaded “pick lists” to check off individual tubes as they are retrieved from the freezer.
Launch of the Borealis™ LED Light Source Feb 20, 2024 Available in activation wavelengths from 365nm up to 525nm the Borealis™ LED light source is a proven device for performing photochemical reactions in both batch and flow modes.
Introduction of FP 7 and FP 25 Liquid Pumps Feb 16, 2024 The integrated, space-saving damper provides smooth, low pulsation flow that minimizes flow resistance, reduces vibration and noise, reduces liquid shear forces, prevents bubble formation, and reduces stress for longer pump and system component life.
New Mini Cutting Mill, the PULVERISETTE 29 Feb 16, 2024 This compact mill is perfect for small volumes of various materials, including biomass, grains, food pellets, seeds, and select plastics.
Dionex Inuvion Ion Chromatography System to Improve Reliability and Efficiency Feb 15, 2024 The new analytical instrument is designed to be easily reconfigurable, providing those who require determination of ionic and small polar compounds with a one stop shop for consistent, reliable ion analysis.
New Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM with Low-Energy-Spread Cold FEG Feb 13, 2024 This expanded offering is designed to help propel accessibility to cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) techniques that boost resolution while maintaining ease-of-use and productivity capabilities.
New TaqPath DuraPlex 1-Step RT-qPCR Master Mix Feb 12, 2024 The TaqPath DuraPlex 1-Step RT-qPCR Master Mix is now available for biopharma and clinical diagnostics labs that need a rapid, sensitive, and reproducible method for developing and testing high-throughput molecular diagnostic or bioprocess quality control assays.
CultiMaxx™ Shelving System Increases Shelving Capacity by up to 150 Percent Feb 12, 2024 To help labs keep pace, Thermo Scientific is offering a first-of-its-kind shelving system to increase the capacity of incubators using the four most-common cell culture production vessels.
LaboratorySYS—New Platform for Laboratory Automation Feb 12, 2024 LaboratorySYS is a platform that is equipped with various AI skills and can safely handle a wide range of containers from glass tubes and vials to flasks and vessels without static programming.
Gibco CTS Cellmation Software Digitally Connects Cell Therapy Instruments Feb 09, 2024 This new offering can help eliminate the need for costly custom software projects and extensive validation, saving valuable time and resources during the cell therapy manufacturing process and helping to deliver these promising curative therapies more quickly and safely to patients.
New Suite of Differentiated NGS Solutions Designed for AVITI™ System Feb 08, 2024 These products can support a wide range of applications, including DNA, RNA, and methylation sequencing workflows, as well as IDT’s proven hybridization capture chemistry.
The BioArc™ Ultra, an Automated Solution for Ultracold Sample Management Feb 07, 2024 The Ultra features a breakthrough eco-friendly cooling system utilizing natural air rather than manufactured, ozone-depleting refrigerants, enabling a zero-ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP), two factors that are key to sustainability needs and initiatives within life sciences industries and applications.
Tecan Offers End-to-End Solutions for Cellomics Feb 07, 2024 Complex 3D cell models—such as spheroids, organoids, and organ-on-a-chip systems—have great potential in many applications, from drug development to personalized medicine research.
Agilent Announces New ProteoAnalyzer System Feb 06, 2024 The Agilent ProteoAnalyzer system brings added efficiency, versatility, and reliability, particularly in protein QC workflows.
Announcing a Streamlined Solution Portfolio for Liquid Biopsy Applications Feb 06, 2024 Liquid biopsy is playing and increasingly important role in the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of diseases, especially in oncology.
Introducing CellVoyager High-Content Analysis System CQ3000 Feb 05, 2024 The CQ3000 has been designed to capture 3D microscopic images of live cell cultures in high definition at high speed.
Commercial Release of Anti-TRBC2 Conjugated Antibody for Flow Cytometry Feb 05, 2024 TRBC1 and TRBC2 staining using flow cytometry offers a low-cost, rapid, and specific T-cell clonality test.
SCIEX Expands High-Throughput Screening Solutions with Echo® MS+ System Feb 02, 2024 The system addresses key challenges in high-throughput screening applications for drug discovery without the need for extensive method development.
Two New Additions to the Popular DEGASi® Family Announced Feb 02, 2024 The DEGASi® Plus Nano and DEGASi® Plus ultraNano have been design optimized to address the challenge of nanofluidic systems by minimizing the hold-up volume and offering wide chemical compatibility.
Shimadzu Unveils New IRSpirit-X Series of Compact FTIR Spectrophotometers Feb 02, 2024 The IRSpirit-X series features the smallest Shimadzu FTIRs, with an installation space the size of an A3 sheet of paper or smaller and a weight of 8.5 kg.
New Aquanex System Feb 02, 2024 The Aquanex system offers two-point calibration and smart dispensing to deliver better accuracy and reproducibility for water purification, including a standard leak detection sensor and maximum flow rate greater than 1.5 L/min.
Tecan Unveils LabNavigator™ and Next-Gen Introspect™ at SLAS 2024 Feb 01, 2024 As throughput increases, digitalization is crucial to overcoming these challenges by streamlining lab processes, as well as maximizing overall lab effectiveness and helping lab technicians to overcome skill barriers.
Announcing the Launch of Biotium Choice Primary Antibody Conjugates Feb 01, 2024 Biotium Choice primary antibody conjugates are currently available in several widely published clones against common targets including CD3e, CD4, CD8a, CD9, CD16, CD19, CD45, CD63, and CD81.
New AS Vision Autosampler for Use with Vapor Pressure and FTIR Vision Analyzers Feb 01, 2024 The AS Vision Autosampler allows rapid and continuous testing of up to 12 samples with a single press of the play button on either MINIVAP VP Vision or MINISCAN IR Vision analyzers.
AIDDISON™ Drug Discovery Software Can Increase the Success Rate of New Drugs Feb 01, 2024 It combines generative AI, machine learning and computer-aided drug-design to speed up drug development.
The New OHAUS Endeavor™ Series Sets a New Standard for Precise Operation Jan 31, 2024 The Endeavor Series—consisting of e-E51LD0420, e-E51LD0403, and e-E51LDMP03—offer stable, accurate long-term shaking with safety and flexibility top of mind.
Spectro Introduces Upgraded Spectro Xepos Jan 31, 2024 Four different versions of the SPECTRO XEPOS maximize performance for selected element groups in targeted matrices.
The MagBinder® Fit24 Nucleic Acid Purification System Jan 31, 2024 The MagBinder® Fit24 offers efficient, automated workflows and is specifically designed for research applications, and in countries that accept CE-IVD, in vitro diagnostic applications.
Release of the BC-1000 Series High Accuracy Automated Colony Counter Jan 31, 2024 At the click of a button, document and save the image, count, media type, dilution factors, etc. This all-in-one device also supports high-resolution imaging with advanced lighting capabilities and various measurement functions.
The Redux AFM Makes the Nanoscale More Accessible than Ever Jan 30, 2024 Building on the success of its nGauge AFM, of which hundreds of units are in operation in over 30 countries, ICSPI is excited to introduce the Redux AFM and elevate the user experience of nanoscale imaging with automation.
Launch of Next-Generation Invitrogen TaqMan Cells-to-CT Express Kit Jan 29, 2024 With improved chemistry, the Cells-to-CT Express Kit helps facilitate the preparation of cell lysates for reverse transcription (RT) real-time PCR (qPCR) in just five minutes.
New Spectro Genesis ICP-OES with New Levels of Sensitivity and Efficiency Jan 29, 2024 The analyzer's new DSOI plasma interface furnishes greatly increased sensitivity to deliver fast, accurate analysis for an even wider range of applications.
ProteoCHIP™ EVO 96 Enables High-Throughput Single Cell Proteomics Analysis Jan 29, 2024 This innovative platform marks a major breakthrough in the field of single-cell proteomics, offering researchers unmatched capabilities and accuracy for studying cellular heterogeneity at the highest level.
New SmartSaver Solvent Recycling Unit Improves HPLC Sustainability Jan 29, 2024 SmartSaver is powered directly from your chromatography data system PC, no power adapter is required.
MilliporeSigma Launches ChemisTwin™, a Digital Reference Material Platform Jan 29, 2024 With digital signatures for more than 1,500 reference materials, this automation and calibration tool helps scientists ensure the quality and safety of medicines from the earliest stages of research and development through quality control and quality assurance testing.
Introducing the UltraPPM LITE for Reliable Sample Processing Jan 29, 2024 With the UltraPPM LITE, researchers can regulate gas flow and pressure in real-time with remarkable precision, ensuring consistent and uniform pressure across all wells of a sample processing plate.
New 21CFR Part 11 Compliance Software, Announced Jan 29, 2024 The powerful, yet easy-to-use new 21CFR Part 11 compliance software can assign lab personnel with specific roles that are password protected to ensure that the measurements performed are tracked to a specific user.
New ICPMS-2040/2050 Series of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers Jan 26, 2024 The ICPMS-2040/2050 series is ideal for analyzing the concentration of inorganic elements in solution samples in a wide range of industries including environmental, pharmaceutical, clinical, food, chemical, and material.
New NEBNext UltraExpress™ DNA and RNA Kits Jan 26, 2024 The kits are suitable for a wide range of inputs (25–250 ng total RNA and 10–200 ng mechanically sheared DNA) and utilize a single protocol that uses the same adaptor concentration and PCR cycle number for all input amounts.
STRmix™ v2.11 Features Enhancements to Groundbreaking Forensic Software Jan 26, 2024 The new features in STRmix™ v2.11 were made primarily in response to recommendations made by the forensic laboratories currently using the software, allowing them to better address on-the-job needs they regularly encounter.
Mercatus Introduces the Mercatus BioScience Range to Their Portfolio Jan 25, 2024 The introduction of Mercatus BioScience marks a natural progression for the company, benefitting from its expertise and reputation in the food sector, and tailoring it to meet the stringent requirements of the health care industry.
New INSIGHT-Thermal Modulator for GC×GC Jan 23, 2024 The INSIGHT-Thermal brings a new level of productivity and performance to thermally modulated GC×GC, with flexible control of all modulation parameters within ChromSpace software.
New AS Vision Autosampler for Use with Vapor Pressure and FTIR Vision Analyzers Jan 09, 2024 The AS Vision Autosampler allows rapid and continuous testing of up to 12 samples with a single press of the play button on either MINIVAP VP Vision or MINISCAN IR Vision analyzers.
New Tri-coded Maximum Recovery Tube Dec 19, 2023 The new tri-coded 1.6ml Maximum Recovery tube from Azenta Life Sciences is ideally suited for automated workflows using liquid handling.
New Range of Bst Polymerase Reagents from PCR Biosystems Dec 13, 2023 IsoFast™ Hot Start Bst Polymerase and associated ready mixes use proprietary AptaLock™ hot start technology to minimize non-specific amplification, leading to highly specific and sensitive results in as little as 30 minutes.
New High Resolution Oscilloscope, DHO800/900 Series Dec 13, 2023 DHO800/900 oscilloscopes feature true 12-bit resolution with low noise for excellent signal fidelity and analysis.
High-Speed Cameras for the UV Light Spectrum Are Now Available Dec 01, 2023 The cameras are also capable of capturing images in the visible and near IR spectrums with performance similar to the equivalent Phantom cameras. Depending on lab needs, the cameras can offer a two-in-one benefit.
Introducing the Eco-Friendly Space-Saving Brevis GC-2050 Dec 01, 2023 In addition to the compact design, the Brevis GC-2050 system offers a choice of sample introduction units and detectors, allowing the use of commercial columns.
New Software Allows Collection of Data from AB-4XXXX Series Liquid Flowmeters Dec 01, 2023 This powerful new software driver from TESTA allows control and collection of data from any of its AB-4XXXX Series liquid flowmeters
LIFA vTAU—a Camera-Based System for Fast FLIM Dec 01, 2023 Whether for studying dynamic cellular processes, molecular interactions, or biological phenomena, LIFA vTAU is engineered to meet FLIM application needs.
New PHOTOCHIP™ High Power LED Photoreactor Module Nov 29, 2023 The PHOTOCHIP™ is an easy-to-use device—design optimized to perform photochemical reactions in the complete range of Uniqsis Glass Static Mixer (GSM) reactor blocks, also known as GSM chip reactors.
Waters ZetaStar Instrument Boosts Speed and Sensitivity Nov 29, 2023 By combining multiple light scattering techniques and automatically assessing data quality and performing adaptive data capture, the ZetaStar instrument delivers both increased sensitivity and faster measurements to aid the precise development of complex biologics, using extremely low sample volumes.
908 Devices Launches MAVERICK Nov 29, 2023 MAVERICK is the first turn-key device to utilize Raman spectroscopy for bioprocess control, with no modeling and development required.
New Visum Palm™ NIR Analyzer Nov 29, 2023 The new generation Visum Palm™ brings with it an innovative design and a radical change in the way users experience NIR technology.
Applied Biosystems™ CytoScan™ HD Accel Array Increases Lab Productivity Nov 29, 2023 The Applied Biosystems™ CytoScan™ HD Accel array analyzes the whole human genome and provides improved coverage in more than 5,000 critical genome regions.
The Release of the AutoFox Protein Footprinting System Announced Nov 29, 2023 The AutoFox System is the world’s only fully automated radical protein footprinting instrument.
Compact Chilling/Heating Dry Bath, EchoTherm™ RIC40 Nov 29, 2023 The RIC40 measures 4.9” (125 mm) long by 3.3” (82 mm) wide by 3.9” (99mm) tall without a sample block. Offered as accessories are mounting brackets for Tecan decks and the broad variety of precision-made aluminum sample blocks.
HBK Miniature Force Sensors U9C and C9C Have Gone Digital Nov 29, 2023 With a standardized interface to any PLC, HBK’s newly released, digital, compact, robust, and ready to go force sensors are ideally suited for industrial environments and for measuring fast processes.
The CO50 Programmable HPLC Column Chiller/Heater Nov 29, 2023 The new CO50 has a Stable Temperature LED that illuminates when the target temperature is stable to within ±0.2°C.
New Range of Pre-made Nano-Lantern Lentivirus Products Announced Oct 27, 2023 This cutting-edge Nano-Lantern lentivirus technology, which consists of an enhanced Renilla-Luciferase connected to an Orange Fluorescent protein (OFP), represents a significant improvement over previous methods and is poised to revolutionize many in vivo imaging applications.
The New Picus® 2 Sets a New Standard for Connected Electronic Pipettes Oct 19, 2023 Building on the success of its predecessors, Picus® 2 features its trademark unbeatable ergonomics, wide range of pipetting modes, and precise electronic pipetting.
Introducing the Nexus™ Horizontal Clean Bench Oct 05, 2023 The Nexus represents a significant leap forward in clean bench technology, offering an array of features that are unrivaled in the market.
TSG Series Refrigerators Reduce Waste and Save Energy Oct 04, 2023 This new TSG series complies with NSF 456 performance standards, an American national standard that helps ensure storage equipment performs as intended to preserve the viability of vaccine doses.
Introducing the ProteoxS, a Compact Fridge with Rapid Cool-Down Sep 29, 2023 The ProteoxS spans general research, photonics, and sensing applications and is suitable for customers not focused on quantum computing scale-up, who require a high magnetic field or low temperature environment.
Introduction of New Fontus Automated Liquid Handling Workstation Sep 29, 2023 The system provides improved usability compared to existing Revvity platforms, offering users greater deck access and ergonomics, and an improved enclosure.
VD800 Compact Vacuum Meters Sep 29, 2023 With the new VD800 series, Thyracont Vacuum Instruments consistently focuses on the needs of the user.
New EchoTherm™ High Capacity Digital Hot Plates & Stirrers Sep 29, 2023 Tops are available in a choice of Chemically Resistant Ceramic or Milled-Flat Cast Aluminum. Both tops are 12" by 12" square.
CryzoTraq™ Tubes for Cryogenic Storage Sep 29, 2023 Available in 2 ml and 5 ml formats, CryzoTraq™ tubes have a 2D Datamatrix barcode ultrasonically welded into the base of the tube to ensure full sample traceability.
The BI-MwA Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector Sep 29, 2023 If you are looking to determine absolute molecular weights of polysaccharides, proteins, and peptides or their aggregates by HPLC or uHPLC quickly and accurately, then look no further.
New TSi and TEC2 Series Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers Sep 29, 2023 These ULT freezers are ideal for use in health care, vaccine monitoring and are Vaccines for Children (VFC) compliant, critical material storage, or anywhere valuable samples need to be stored safely.
AmMag™ Quatro to Revolutionize Automated Plasmid Maxi-Prep Purification Sep 29, 2023 AmMag Quatro has been used at the forefront of biotech research, including breakthrough projects such as viral vector development for cell engineering and gene therapy.
PEAK Scientific Launches New Dedicated Nitrogen Solution Jul 21, 2023 An evolution of the long standing Corona 1010 nitrogen solution, the Corona 1010A is a standalone, on-demand nitrogen generator, designed to offer a space saving solution to fit in any laboratory.
Fully Automated Mercury Measuring Instrument Receives Excellence Award Jul 19, 2023 Encouraged by this award, NIC will continue to support the field of mercury measurement in Japan and abroad, especially in developing countries around the world.
Launch of the ZSX Primus III NEXT Jul 19, 2023 Built on the renowned ZSX Primus series platform, the ZSX Primus III NEXT offers significant performance and operational gains.
Upgrade or Replace? Making the Right Choice for Your Aging NMR Instrument Jul 19, 2023 Those who are curious to learn if they qualify for this new program from JEOL can check out the digital NMR Console Upgrade Guide.
Maximize Automation with the New AIMsight Infrared Microscope Jun 20, 2023 The user-friendly AIMsight Infrared Microscope identifies the measurement target with a simple click on the image in the AMsolution control software and sets the optimal measurement position in just one second.
New Version of DBLR™ Software Released Jun 20, 2023 Forensic labs using DBLR™ v1.3 with STRmix™ are able to visualize the value of DNA mixture evidence, undertake mixture-to-mixture comparisons, and achieve superfast database searches.
H.E.L Group Expands Range of BioXplorer Bioreactors Jun 20, 2023 The new systems will further enable the efficient and cost-effective development and optimization of bioprocesses.
New Range of High Titer CAR Lentivirus Jun 20, 2023 A comprehensive line of CAR lentivirus products is now available from AMSBIO optimized to suit almost any research application.
New ENRICH-iST Kits and Novel Workflow Jun 20, 2023 The technology enables biologically unbiased enrichment of lower abundant proteins and supports liquid handling automation platforms.
New Flow Cell Product Empowers Researchers and Product Developers Jun 20, 2023 Micronit's advanced flow cell provides several distinct benefits, making it an ideal choice for researchers working on multiomics and cell analysis projects.
SCIEX Launches the Intabio ZT System at ASMS 2023 Jun 20, 2023 When coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) identification on the ZenoTOF 7600 system, it eliminates the guesswork from early drug development stages and accelerates drug candidate selection.
New Light Array Module for the Popular BioLector XT Microbioreactor Jun 20, 2023 The Light Array Module provides customizable light settings of 400-700 nm (nanometer) within the photosynthetic spectrum, including day and nighttime lighting.
Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Astral Mass Spectrometer Announced at ASMS Jun 20, 2023 The new Astral analyzer combines fast throughput, high sensitivity and deep proteome coverage to allow researchers worldwide to uncover proteins that previously evaded detection and make breakthrough discoveries more efficiently than ever.
ProBioGen Launches Their Lentivirus Packaging Cell Line Lenti.RiGHT™ Jun 20, 2023 Dr. Volker Sandig, Chief Scientific Officer at ProBioGen discussed the advantages and results of the platform in his presentation.
New LabRAM Odyssey Is Ideally Suited for Both Micro and Macro Measurements Jun 08, 2023 The LabRAM Odyssey can also be configured to enable semiconductor process engineers to qualify the different steps in a timely manner, with a high level of confidence.
Newly Introduced, Fully Defined Hydrogel, MatriMix Jun 08, 2023 MatriMix overcomes the limitations of current 3D substrates, enabling cutting-edge applications such as organoid formation using adult patient-derived cells and iPSC culture.
DEGASi Prep+, the World’s First In-Line Membrane Degasser Jun 08, 2023 With this impressive device, you can efficiently remove dissolved gases and even bubbles from organic solvents or aggressive aqueous solutions at liquid flow rates of up to 150 mL/minute.
Blue-Ray Biotech Expands Capabilities with Its EzDrop 1000C Jun 08, 2023 The EzDrop 1000C, like its counterpart the EzDrop 1000, quickly evaluates samples in just 3 seconds, boosting laboratory efficiency.
New High-Capacity 8697 Headspace Sampler -XL Tray May 26, 2023 This new sampler from Agilent expands the sample capacity of the 8697 Headspace Sampler with 48 vial capacity.
Introducing the AIRsight™ Infrared/Raman Microscope May 03, 2023 The AIRsight infrared/Raman microscope improves analytical efficiency by making it easy to perform all process steps, from sample observation to data analysis.
New Generation of the epMotion Automated Liquid Handler May 03, 2023 The epMotion offers unparalleled precision and accuracy in liquid handling, with a user-friendly interface and customizable protocols.
The DHOP Closed-Loop Pipette Head for High-Speed Robotic Pipetting Applications May 03, 2023 Based on Festo’s innovative air-over-liquid fluid handling system, the DHOP pipette ensures that aspiration and dispensing are independent of viscosity.
Launch of the Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ Absolute Q™ AutoRun dPCR Suite May 03, 2023 The only digital PCR system in the market to enable lab automation and reduce overhead without sacrificing consistency, flexibility, and ease-of-use.
The New TaqMan™ 2.5X Lyo-Ready 1-Step qPCR Master Mix May 03, 2023 This reagent is manufactured in an ISO 13485-certified facility to a high level of quality standards.
The Newly Announced DEGASi Plus GPC and DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-prep May 03, 2023 Operating almost silently, the easy-to-use DEGASi Plus GPC and DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-Prep occupies minimal bench space and is fully compatible with all commercial GPC / SEC systems.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces the Gallery Aqua Master Analyzers May 03, 2023 The new Thermo Scientific Gallery Aqua Master and Thermo Scientific Gallery Plus Aqua Master analyzers offer extensive workflow automation for high-throughput, simultaneous multiparameter wet chemistry testing.
New Compound and Stereozoom Microscopes from Cole-Parmer May 03, 2023 All Cole-Parmer microscopes are equipped with energy-efficient LED illumination, antibacterial protection, integrated X-Y mechanical stage, rotating 360-degrees head, Abbe condenser, ergonomics for the utmost comfort, and more.
New MagSi-DNA FFPE Kit for Isolating gDNA May 02, 2023 The kit does not require traditional phenol/chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation steps and also eliminates the need for repeated centrifugation, vacuum filtration, or column separations.
DynaGreen Magnetic Beads to Reduce Microplastics in Molecular Biology May 02, 2023 Backed by 30 years of Dynabeads quality and innovation, the Invitrogen™ DynaGreen™ Magnetic Beads enable researchers to reduce their environmental impact during protein purification while achieving comparable or better performance than the industry standard.
Next Generation DataPaq™ Handheld 2 Tube Reader May 02, 2023 Connection by Wi-Fi allows the DataPaq™ Handheld 2 to be used wherever you keep your samples.
Bio-Rad Introduces Pioneer™ Antibody Discovery Platform Mar 10, 2023 The Pioneer Antibody Library is optimized for candidates that are suitable for drug development.
Launch of the CFX Opus Deepwell Dx Real-Time PCR System Mar 10, 2023 The CFX Opus Deepwell Dx Real-Time PCR System is the latest addition to the Bio-Rad portfolio of real-time PCR instruments.
New COMBO-TWO MALS/DRI Detector Mar 10, 2023 Operating from room temperature up to 80°C, with high thermal stability, COMBO-TWO is simple to use.
New LCMS-9050 Q-TOF LCMS Delivers Exceptional Mass Accuracy Mar 10, 2023 Shimadzu's new LCMS-9050 system is equipped with a high-precision temperature control system that inhibits even tiny mass variations caused by external factors.
Chromatrap® Buffer Chemistries for ChIP Assays Mar 10, 2023 For enzymatic shearing from fixed cells or tissue—both the detergent-based Chromatrap® buffers are ideal for effective fragmentation of nuclear material.
New SmartVane Rotary Vane Pump for Lab and Mass Spectrometry Applications Mar 10, 2023 With its typical operating pressure of less than 10 hPA/10 mbar, the new SmartVane rotary vane pump is quieter than other pumps used for this type of application.
Coltraco Portasonic® PRO Handheld Ultrasonic Non-invasive Clamp-On Flow Meter Mar 10, 2023 The Portasonic® PRO combines the functionality of the Portasonic® 2.FL0 in measuring flow rates non-invasively with the Portasonic® CALCULATOR, to form the first instrument capable of calculating the internal pressure within pipes, using non-invasive, externally measured flow sensors.
New qPCR Reagents Mixes: Clara™ Probe, Clara™ Probe 1-Step, Clara™ HRM Mar 10, 2023 Researchers can be more confident than ever before in the results they generate and the conclusions they assimilate.
TESCAN Unveils New TENSOR Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope Mar 09, 2023 For materials scientists and semiconductor R&D and FA engineers, the TENSOR 4D-STEM provides multimodal, high contrast, high-resolution 2D & 3D characterization of functional materials.
Newly Launched Eutech 1700 Series Bench Meter Mar 09, 2023 With user-friendly features and easy-to-use functionality, Eutech 1700 Series Bench Meters are well-suited for teaching, agriculture, and industrial labs with varying levels of technical expertise.
Applied Biosystems Absolute Q SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Surveillance Kit Mar 09, 2023 This new two-tube wastewater surveillance kit simplifies the dPCR SARS-CoV-2 detection workflow toward a 90-minute time to result.
New Freedom™ ExpiCHO-S™ Cell Line Development Kit Mar 09, 2023 New cell line development kit kit uses Thermo Fisher's ExpiCHO-S cell line and a new powerful media platform specifically developed for it.
EXTREVA ASE Enables True Walk-Away, Sample-to-Vial Sample Preparation Feb 25, 2023 New system from Thermo Scientific is also the first to perform four sample extractions and concentrations in parallel.
New Vanquish Analytical Purification LC System Feb 25, 2023 With Thermo's introduction of the new integrated Vanquish Fraction Collector, a wide application range is covered, giving all users precision in purification across their whole analytical workflow.
The SPL Guard Arizona, a New Single Rack Thawing Station Feb 25, 2023 The SPL Guard Arizona shows real-time temperature data on the display during the thawing cycle, which provides insight in the process.
AB-40004 Microflowmeter Ensures Reliability of Quantitative LC/MS Feb 24, 2023 Compact in size and conveniently powered via a USB connection, the AB-40004 µFlowmeter from TESTA Analytical is fully compatible with all organic and aqueous chromatography solvents.
New Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator Feb 16, 2023 The Gel-Bright™ Laser Diode Gel Illuminator features a novel laser diode-based illumination technology that offers exceptional performance for a wide selection of fluorescent dyes and does not require laser safety glasses.
New AA-7800 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers Feb 16, 2023 Double-beam optics and many other extra features ensure reliable data acquisition.
Nereus LentiHERO, a Fit-for-Purpose Solution for Lentiviral Vector Purification Feb 16, 2023 Incorporating AstreAdept™, the Company’s proprietary nanofiber material, this novel solution addresses the challenges associated with purifying the large and fragile products used in cell and gene therapy.
The 2023 SLAS Annual Meeting: A Preview of this Year’s Awards Jan 25, 2023 In the spirit of "accelerating innovation", here are a few late-breaking awards highlights in advance of the show.
Thermo Fisher Adds the 1500 Series Biological Safety Cabinet to BSC Portfolio Jan 24, 2023 The new 1500 Series BSC offers a high level of personal and product protection from biological hazards and contamination, ease of use with an intuitive touchscreen display, and eco-friendly LED lighting for a brighter work environment.
Stabilize RNA Samples at Room Temperature with the RNAdvantage Jan 24, 2023 The new RNAdvantage from AMSBIO is designed to protect RNA extracted from most tissues at room temperature. Samples can also be protected upon purification with no extra clean-up steps.
Nadia Go: An Affordable Microfluidic System for Custom Protocol Development Jan 24, 2023 Using Dolomite Bio’s core pressure-controlled microfluidics technology, Nadia Go enables the development of user-defined single cell protocols and applications.
New Photochemical Reactor System, the LightSyn Lighthouse Jan 24, 2023 The LightSyn Lighthouse uses new technology to channel light through a quartz rod directly into the reaction medium, maximizing power intensity while keeping photon flux even throughout.
New BD Effivax™ Glass Prefillable Syringe Jan 24, 2023 BD Effivax™ Glass Prefillable Syringe will further help customers meet the stringent demands of today’s vaccine manufacturing.
Mohawk 48 Tube Selector and Picker for Picking Whole Tissue Samples from Storage Jan 24, 2023 The Mohawk 48 uses forty-eight solenoid pins to enable a specific frozen or thawed sample tube to be raised and selected when a 48-position tube rack is presented according to a pick list from Excel or a LIMS system.
Newest Series of ES Electronic Valves Jan 24, 2023 The ES series of electronic valves from Clippard features large cross-sectional o-rings, minimal leak points, and proven poppet designs.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid Mass Spectrometer Jan 14, 2023 New mass spectrometer from Thermo Fisher enables improved sample throughput, versatility, and ease-of-use—producing high quality data with simplicity.
Anti-evolocumab Antibodies for Use in Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development Jan 14, 2023 New anti-evolocumab antibodies from Bio-Rad are approved for in vitro research purposes and for commercial in vitro testing services.
The AFYS3G Code Reader for Single Tubes Delta10 Jan 14, 2023 The AFYS3G Tube Reader Delta10 reads the 1D barcodes of the tube and the rack at the front of the reader and the 2D Data-Matrix code of the tube on the top of the reader in less than a second.
The New ColdChip™, a Standalone Flow Chemistry Module for Exothermic Reactions Jan 14, 2023 Compact in design, and requiring no input power, the ColdChip™ is optimized for use with the Uniqsis FlowSyn and FlowLab range of flow reactors as well as standalone pumps.
Hamilton and BioFluidiX Head Into the Future Together Dec 21, 2022 Hamilton acquires the microdosing company BioFluidiX. The companies have an established partnership that will continue to grow under this agreement.
Rigaku to Install XtaLAB Synergy-ED Electron Diffractometer at ICIQ in Spain Dec 07, 2022 The Rigaku XtaLAB Synergy-ED allows crystallographers to push past the limits of single crystal XRD and even synchrotrons, allowing them to elucidate structures from crystals smaller than 50 nm in some cases.
CryoGenium Is a New Development in Electron Microscopy Grid Vitrification Nov 17, 2022 The novel design of the new CryoGenium cryo plunger replaces the common blotting mechanism to improve process stability and repeatability.
B.SIGHT, a Fully Automated Single-Cell Dispenser for Microorganisms Nov 17, 2022 CYTENA believes the new B.SIGHT will accelerate and automate microbial cloning workflows in Pharma and Biotech companies.
Automated Dried Spot Sampling and Analysis with Transcend DSX-1 Nov 17, 2022 The new Thermo Scientific Transcend DSX-1 integrated sample prep and UHPLC system eliminates disc punching typically associated with dried matrix (spot) cards, and optimizes sample extraction and recovery of multiple matrices.
The New Nebula® Multimode Reader Streamlines Quantitative Endotoxin Detection Nov 17, 2022 The Nebula® Multimode Reader provides users with a single solution for use with multiple endotoxin assay types.
New Spex® SamplePrep Planetary Grinding Mill Nov 17, 2022 Additional features of the new SamplePrep Planetary Grinding Mill include adjustable clamp speed from 300 to 600 rpm, maximum speed of 3500 rpm, and 1.5 horsepower.
Ambient Ionization Speeds Analysis of Illegal Timber Nov 17, 2022 The JEOL AccuTOF™-DART® 4G mass spectrometer has been chosen as one of the key technologies in a new mobile laboratory developed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
The Duo, a New Dual Capability Coded Tube Reader Nov 11, 2022 This affordably priced addition to the Ziath range combines the proven 2D-barcode reading technology of the Uno single tube reader with the fast accurate linear barcode reading of the company’s Cyclops adaptor.
New Space-Saving LCMS-2050 Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Nov 11, 2022 The LCMS-2050 mass spectrometer is designed with technology that enables superior detection in a short period of time.
New Automated Barcode Application System eGecko², Announced Nov 11, 2022 Based upon a robust and proven label printer and print engine, the eGecko² is a completely integrated printer and application unit in one, requiring only an electrical supply for operation.
NanoSNAP™ Provides Measurements of Nucleic Acids and Proteins in a Snap Nov 11, 2022 This new spectrophotometer assesses the purity of DNA, RNA, proteins, and any other type of assay for samples available in small quantities within seconds.
The nadAROSE and nadia3D Hydrogel Reagent Kits Nov 11, 2022 The nadAROSE and nadia3D hydrogel reagent kits are complete, standardized, and reliable solutions, containing all the single use, prefabricated consumables needed for scaffold production on the Nadia Instrument.
LabX Media Group Acquires the Lab Design Conference Oct 20, 2022 LabX Media Group acquires the Lab Design Conference, the leading business conference and exhibition serving professionals in the design, build, construction, retrofit, and management of state-of-the-art laboratories.
DiaSorin Announces Completion of the Acquisition of Luminex Corporation Oct 13, 2022 DiaSorin S.p.A. announces it has completed the acquisition of Luminex Corporation for a price of USD 37.00 per share that corresponds to a total equity value of approximately USD 1.8 billion.
Cambridge Scientific Labs Welcomes New Companies to their Lab Space Oct 07, 2022 Arcaea and 3D Biolabs join the numerous other lab tenants making use of the biotech incubator lab spaces, private suites, and shared lab suites offered by Cambridge Scientific.
The HT-X1 Is a New High-Resolution Holotomography Microscope Oct 04, 2022 The new HT-X1 microscope builds on the optical diffraction technology (ODT) of Tomocube’s award-winning HT-1 and HT-2 microscopes.
Focus Corrected SWIR Lenses for the 900 -1700nm Region Sep 23, 2022 Resolve Optics focus corrected SWIR lenses deliver unmatched resolution and color correction (900–1700nm) ensuring that you get the best possible image from your camera or sensor.
Scale Down Your Water Consumption with the New CondenSyn MAXI Sep 23, 2022 The CondenSyn MAXI enables scientists to scale up their experiments effectively from small benchtop synthesis to large volume jacketed reactor vessels.
New PyroCell® Monocyte Activation Test—Human Serum System Sep 07, 2022 This new in vitro pyrogen testing system exhibits enhanced sensitivity for detection of non-endotoxin pyrogens as well as reduced interferences from complex drug products such as biologics-based pharmaceuticals.
Introducing the TSKgel® UP-SW3000-LS U/HPLC Columns Sep 07, 2022 TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS columns are packed with 2 μm silica-based particles and have a pore size of 25 nm.
SEQuoia Express Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit Sep 07, 2022 The SEQuoia Express Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit offers a cost-effective and automation-friendly solution to the current challenges in library generation.
AQUIOS STEM System to Provide a New Solution for Stem Cell Analysis Sep 07, 2022 This advancement from Beckman coulter life sciences comes as more than 100,000 stem cell transplantations are expected to be performed this year.
New µPAC Neo HPLC Column Delivers Improved Separation Performance Sep 07, 2022 The Thermo Scientific µPAC Neo HPLC Column will initially be available to pre-order exclusively with the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Neo UHPLC System and Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers, delivering a comprehensive, single-solution LC-MS workflow complete with a detailed startup protocol.
AccelerOme Automated Sample Preparation Platform Improves Productivity Sep 07, 2022 The Thermo Scientific AccelerOme Automated Sample Preparation Platform eliminates the need for labor-intensive, manual sample preparation for LC-MS analysis, including the associated method development and reagent sourcing.
QualTrak Biopharma qPCR Solutions to Streamline Biologics Development Aug 26, 2022 The QualTrak comprehensive suite of qPCR tools is comprised of a premium selection of trusted Applied Biosystems solutions, including QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Real-Time PCR Systems and TaqMan and TaqPath master mixes and assays, to consistently and accurately support the biopharma industry from discovery to post-approval manufacturing.
Direct Mass Technology Mode for Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometers Aug 26, 2022 The Thermo Scientific Direct Mass Technology mode augments Thermo Scientific Q Exactive UHMR Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometers with charge detection capabilities, allowing direct mass determination of hundreds to thousands of individual ions in a single spectrum.
Xevo G3 QTof—a Laboratory Workhorse Aug 26, 2022 The Xevo G3 QTof system is engineered to reliably give scientists both reproducible and accurate qualitative and quantitative information about molecules in their samples whether in very small or very large amounts.
HP-ERC High Pressure Electronic Controller for High Pressure Applications Aug 19, 2022 The HP-ERC series is designed to automate dome-loaded back pressure regulators up to 400 bar.
Separations Science Acquisition Furthers Expertise and Partnerships Aug 13, 2022 LabX Media Group, the parent company of LabX, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Separation Science and related assets from Eclipse Business Media Ltd.
908 Devices Showcases Technology for Accelerating Mass Spec Workflows in Presentations at ASMS Jul 20, 2022 908 Devices showcased the use of its high-pressure mass spectrometry and microfluidics separation technologies in twelve presentations at the 70th American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference June 5–9 in Minneapolis
First Crystallographic Structures Determined Using Rigaku’s Recently Launched Electron Diffractometer Published in Nature Communications Jul 06, 2022 Researchers from the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham have published the first crystal structures determined by the Rigaku XtaLAB Synergy-ED
Rigaku’s Analysis of the Asteroid Ryugu by WDXRF and Thermal Analysis Will Be Invaluable for Future Research Projects Jul 06, 2022 Rigaku, a leading manufacturer of X-ray analysis and inspection equipment, has determined the composition of the asteroid Ryugu, providing valuable insights into unlocking secrets behind the formation of our solar system.
SpectraMax® Mini Multi-Mode Microplate Reader for Biotech Laboratories Jun 30, 2022 Built on the company’s nearly four decades of experience delivering high-performance microplate reader technology to the market, the SpectraMax Mini reader is robust enough to meet a lab’s core microplate reader needs, while its compact size is ideal for integration into a large workstation with multiple instruments.
Revolutionizing Food Safety Analysis with Dionex IonPac CS21 Ion Exchange Column Jun 30, 2022 When coupled with the TSQ Altis Plus triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, food safety testing laboratories will benefit from reliable and robust Quat analysis that confidently meets regulatory requirements, while improving laboratory productivity.
Revolutionary Asteria© Single-Cell RNA-Seq Kit and Companion Analysis Software Jun 30, 2022 Instrument-free, intuitive, and for instant use: the Asteria© scRNA-seq benchtop kit.
Dotmatics Biology Solution Streamlines Data Collection and Workflows Jun 30, 2022 New antibody workflow combines Dotmatics’ enterprise scientific platform with advanced applications software used routinely in antibody discovery laboratories.
TrueTag Donor DNA Kits Accelerate Cell Line Engineering Jun 30, 2022 With Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Invitrogen TrueTag Donor DNA Kits, researchers can enrich tagged cells to obtain up to 100 percent of edited cells.
New Analytical HPLC Method Development Support Software Jun 30, 2022 Users of LabSolutions MD can also visualize the effect of changes in analytical conditions on chromatographic resolution within the design space in a color-coded map that enables effortless identification of robust method conditions, where a separation is less likely to be affected by small variations in method parameters.
New Informatics Platform Seamlessly Manages Vast Data Flows Jun 30, 2022 LabVantage Forensic Navigator™, an industry expert-built informatics platform designed to seamlessly manage the vast amounts of forensic evidence and data used throughout the entire criminal justice life cycle.
The 2022 ASMS Conference: A Return of the Live Mass Spec Vibe Jun 08, 2022 A welcome offering of new technologies, inventive solutions, and industry news were part of the vibe at this year's live ASMS conference.
Microplates Enhance Cell Growth and Survival Jun 02, 2022 Sero Krystal™ Poly-D-Lysine (PDL) coated microplates promote superior cell attachment, growth, and proliferation. Available in 96- and 384-well formats these new PDL microplates are uniformly coated with a 70 to 150 kDa PDL polymer using proprietary methods.
New Fluorescence Live-Cell Imaging Analysis System Jun 01, 2022 CytoSMART Omni FL incorporates red and green fluorescence channels into the product line for the first time. This advance reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to provide high-quality, accessible live-cell imaging to every cell biology lab and offers an innovative platform for researchers in stem cell biology, immuno-oncology, virology, toxicology, neurology, and other fields.
Growing the Thermal Analysis Product Line in the Americas Region May 27, 2022 Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science’s range of thermal analyzers have an unsurpassed level of baseline stability, world-class sensitivity, and advanced capabilities to give you the complete picture of thermal behavior. These instruments include dual cooling and minimal liquid nitrogen use which allow users to keep operating costs down.
Microscope Camera for Standard Brightfield Imaging May 27, 2022 Make capturing quality brightfield images affordable with the LC35 microscope camera, which integrates seamlessly with Olympus life science and industrial imaging systems.
Polyclonal VHH Fragment Antibodies for Life Science R&D and Diagnostic Markets May 27, 2022 Jackson ImmunoResearch announces a new range of detection reagents that offer superior imaging quality. Nano Secondaries are polyclonal VHH Fragment antibodies produced in Alpacas for high-resolution imaging.
New Adapter Kit Easily Picks and Reformats Tubes from Acoustix Racks May 27, 2022 The new Acoustix adaptor for Mohawk reduces the effective height of the Mohawk tube selector lid by introducing a clear acrylic plate at a lower height which easily prevents Acoustix tubes from exiting the inverted rack.
Thermo Scientific Debuts NanoDrop Lite Plus UV-Vis Spectrophotometer May 26, 2022 The NanoDrop Lite Plus, with its ability to simply and rapidly process microliter size samples, is the latest addition to the NanoDrop family of spectrophotometers.
Kit Combines the Benefits of Two Existing Innovative Cell Culture Technologies May 03, 2022 New kit combines the benefits of two existing innovative cell culture technologies—synthetic peptide hydrogels (PeptiGels) and a range of sustained release growth factors (PODS)—to provide a reproducible and highly adaptable environment for 3D cell culture.
Improved Performance for High Sensitivity Workflows with New Evotip Pure May 03, 2022 Evosep introduces a new generation Evotip, developed for high performance. Evotip Pure is manufactured and designed completely in-house, to control and optimize all the relevant quality parameters.
New Benchtop MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer May 03, 2022 The high mass detection capabilities of the OmegaTOF allow the highest sensitivity for analyzing large biomolecules, protein interactions, peptides, oligonucleotides, and polymers.
Next-Generation Microarray Printers Enable Ultra-Low-Volume Liquid Dispensing May 03, 2022 Arrayjet’s high-speed microarray printers harness patented, non-contact inkjet technology for printing multiplex array-based assays onto slides, point-of-care devices, biochips, and microplates.
New Customizable Electroporation System for Clinical Manufacturing May 03, 2022 The Gibco CTS Xenon Electroporation System features programmable, flexible electroporation conditions, offering cell therapy developers full control to optimize a variety of hard-to-transfect cell types and payloads.
New FTIR Spectrophotometer Delivers High-Performance Sensitivity May 03, 2022 The new IRXross™ Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer is a mid-level FTIR model that achieves upper-end performance including high-level S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio, resolution, measurement speed, and ease of use.
Four New Workstations to Support Genomics and Proteomics Applications May 03, 2022 Opentrons' four new workstations comprise the OT-2 platform, application-specific hardware, pipettes and labware, and custom protocol development, allowing any lab to set up automated workflows in just a few days, at a fraction of the cost of other automa
The Latest in Humidity Control Systems May 03, 2022 The new RHGen Relative Humidity (RH) Controller can offer humidity control between three percent and 95 percent RH, at temperatures from ambient to 85°C.
Latest Platform Streamlines Lab Workflows, Supports Data-Informed Decisions May 03, 2022 The Dotmatics Platform is the common framework that underpins the Company’s web-based scientific applications and allows them to work together to provide users with seamless end-to-end workflows. The Dotmatics Platform 22.1 offers advanced features for
Beyond the Fume Hood: Air Filtration for the Whole Lab Apr 27, 2022 Fume hoods are essential for many labs but can involve complicated installations and upgraded HVAC systems. Ductless fume hoods and whole-lab air filtration devices provide an alternative.
The Most Sensitive and Compact Benchtop Tandem Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Apr 22, 2022 The Xevo TQ Absolute is designed to help pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental analytical laboratories meet regulations requiring trace-level quantitative mass spectrometry analyses for a broad set of applications
Parallel Photoreactor Offers Easy Interchangeable Wavelength Excitation Apr 22, 2022 The LightSyn Illumin8 allows chemists to run up to eight photochemical reactions in parallel using low-cost 8 mL tubes.
New Easy-to-Use, One-Step ELISA Assays from AMSBIO Apr 22, 2022 QuicKey Pro™ ELISA assay kits allow researchers to choose the optimal ELISA format to measure their specific analyte of interest in a wide range of complex biological samples.
New RT-LAMP Tests Simplify Infectious Disease Surveillance Apr 22, 2022 The Invitrogen Colorimetric ReadiLAMP Kit, SARS-CoV-2 is an off-the-shelf assay designed to provide accurate, robust detection of SARS-CoV-2 from saliva, nasal, or nasopharyngeal swab samples.
New Portfolio of GC and GC-MS Products from Thermo Fisher Apr 22, 2022 The GC/GC-MS instrument portfolio includs the new Thermo Scientific TRACE 1600 Series Gas Chromatograph, Thermo Scientific AI/AS 1610 Liquid Autosampler, Thermo Scientific ISQ 7610 Single Quadrupole GC-MS, and Thermo Scientific TSQ 9610 Triple Quadrupole
New Interface Software Gives Improved Functionality for Atrato Flowmeter Apr 22, 2022 The USB connection gives the Atrato computer interface capability, enabling the user to directly monitor the flow rate being measured and alter the operating parameters using a PC.
Cannabis Industry 420: What’s New in 2022 Apr 19, 2022 While there is much to be cautious about, there is a lot more to celebrate — here are some key developments to highlight this year’s 420 celebration.
New Benchtop Mass Spectrometer Features Dual-Polarity Ion Source Apr 08, 2022 Like its predecessor, innovative instrument design enables the MALDI-8030 to achieve performance specifications similar to those of larger, more expensive MALDI-TOF models in a significantly smaller footprint
New, Fully Automated Clinical Flow Cytometry Sample Preparation System Apr 08, 2022 The CellMek SPS simultaneously manages various user-defined preparation methods in random access which eliminates the need to batch samples
New Low Temperature Chemistry Kit for Parallel Reactions Apr 08, 2022 The DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit enables users to perform parallel reactions from ambient to -30 ⁰C within a small footprint
New Compact Multi-Mode Microplate Reader, Microplate Reading, Made Easy Apr 08, 2022 The VANTAstar is equipped with three features that enable an effortless detection setup and improve data quality.
New Single Channel Pipetting Module for ASSIST PLUS Apr 01, 2022 The D-ONE is available in two volume ranges – from 0.5 to 300 μl and 5 to 1250 μl – to ensure optimal pipetting performance across a wide volume range
Microhub Automates the Imaging Workflow for Researchers Apr 01, 2022 The Microhub intelligently automates sample-finding, parameter-setting and focus constancy, replacing manual setup with just one push of a button
New Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Consumables Apr 01, 2022 The Thermo Scientific SureSTART portfolio is compatible with all add-on and chromatography autosamplers, allowing analysts to use the new portfolio regardless of the instrument vendor.
New 3-Liter Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge Launched Mar 25, 2022 The new Allegra V-15R features 10 rotor configurations and 50 programmable runs. Achieving a gravitational force of up to 20,412 x g and speeds up to 13,500 rpm, the Allegra V-15R is still a quiet companion in the lab, registering ≤55 dBA at max speed.
Automated Protein Characterization at Single-Molecule Level in Solution Mar 25, 2022 New mass photometer provides researchers with automated direct mass measurements of up to 14 samples in one hour using the unmatched sensitivity and simplicity of mass photometry
New Genetic Analyzer for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis Mar 25, 2022 New genetic analyzer has increased plate capacity and may be loaded at any time without cancelling or waiting for a run to complete, improving sample throughput, walk-away capacity, and scheduling flexibility.
Speed Up PCR Testing with Elongated Thermoelectric Coolers Mar 25, 2022 PCX Elongated Series provides high reliability and a minimal temperature gradient for PCR applications resulting in greater throughput and faster test results.
Innovative Liquid Handling Platform for Next-Generation Sequencing Mar 25, 2022 New liquid handling platform from SPT Labtech brings together pipetting and dispensing within a compact all-in-one design
New Anti-Pertuzumab Antibodies from Bio-Rad Mar 17, 2022 Bio-Rad Laboratories launches four inhibitory antibodies that are highly specific to pertuzumab. These ready-made antibodies inhibit the binding of the drug to its target, human epidermal growth factor 2 (HER2), enabling researchers to develop highly sele
Launch of the TurboVap® 96 Dual, a Sophisticated Well Plate Evaporator Mar 17, 2022 The new TurboVap® 96 Dual is dedicated to the evaporation of solvents in 24, 48, or 96 well plate array formats; the new system can evaporate solvent levels from microliters up to 10 mL per well.
Two Disruptive Liquid Handling Platforms Introduced at SLAS 2022 Mar 17, 2022 The latest in DISPENDIX's mission to deliver simple and elegant solutions for the liquid handling, introducing the I.DOT HT Non-contact Dispenser and the L.DROP Liquid Handler.
New FTIR Microscope Quickly Collects and Analyzes High-Spatial Resolution Data Mar 17, 2022 This next-generation Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy microscope is designed to let researchers rapidly locate and identify trace materials, inclusions, impurities, and microparticles along with the distribution of these materials within a s
New Mass Photometer Promises to Significantly Improve AAV Workflows Mar 17, 2022 New SamuxMP mass photometer dramatically improves the time and cost efficiency of AAV characterization. The instrument has a mass range tailored for AAV analysis and provides accurate results in less than five minutes from sample loading to final result.
As Helium Shortage Intensifies with Russia Sanctions, Harris Products Group Offers Guide to Maximizing Gas Allocation Mar 11, 2022 To help companies maximize their helium allocation during this shortage, The Harris Products Group is offering a free white paper with technical information and practical tips that provide advice about determining benchmarks, calculating inefficiencies an
The Latest Automated Pipetting Products and Liquid Handling Trends Making a Splash at SLAS 2022 Feb 02, 2022 The Society for Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS) conference was live this year and here are a few products and new technologies making waves
The 2021 ASMS Conference Returns to the Live Stage: A LabX Review Nov 09, 2021 The annual ASMS show returned to the live stage this year, with plenty of new products and developments for an eager audience of mass spec enthusiasts
Merger Places Nation’s Largest Lab Equipment Reseller in Massachusetts Aug 19, 2021 MA based Biodirect and Boston Microscopes join California based BioSurplus in announcing Merger to form Copia Scientific
New Cannabinoid Purification and Testing Solutions Jul 21, 2021 Whether testing for cannabinoids or flavonoids, or the removal of unwanted compounds during processing, the latest chromatographic innovations offer an ever-broadening array of solutions.
Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check Aspergillus RT-PCR Kit Achieves a Major Milestone: AOAC INTERNATIONAL Approval and Certification Jul 02, 2021 Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check Aspergillus RT-PCR Kit, which detects pathogenic species of Aspergillus in cannabis flower and concentrate, meets the strict certification criteria specified by the AOAC standards testing organization.
Up to Speed with New Centrifuge Technologies Jun 30, 2021 The latest technology innovations bring advanced materials and flexibility into the mix and up to speed, making these workhorse devices more capable than ever.
Verder Scientific Acquires Mager Scientific, US Distributor of Metallographic and Hardness Testing Equipment Jun 14, 2021 Verder Scientific has formally agreed to acquire all shares of the US company Mager Scientific Inc.
The Mass Spec World Spins into New Territory Jun 08, 2021 A host of new product announcements, virtual events, and even a return to in-person conferences are in the works — here are a few highlights
Research and Product Collaborations in the Fight Against COVID May 25, 2021 Collaborative research from universities and industry partners has been crucial throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Without the ongoing efforts of the numerous research scientists who shifted focus during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, we likely wouldn’t be fin
New Biosafety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, and Enclosures to Tackle Today’s Challenges Apr 29, 2021 The importance of biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, and workstation enclosures has never been so evident, considering the challenges of the past year. Here are a few new products and solutions currently on the market.
This Year’s 420 Cannabis Holiday is like No Other Apr 19, 2021 From a rocky past year to a brilliant outlook, this year’s 420 cannabis holiday marks a unique time in the industry
New Capable and Compact Mass Spectrometry Technologies Mar 10, 2021 From virus detection to bloodborne pathogen screening, mass spec has proven invaluable for a wide variety of applications. Here we look at a few new compact and capable solutions, as well as the concepts these technologies are based upon.
The NEW! Transferpette® S Pipette from BRAND Jan 28, 2021 A lightweight, yet robust instrument that delivers a high degree of accuracy and precision, the Transferpette ® S now offers newly refined features that make work even easier and more efficient.
HUBER High Precision Thermoregulation: Milestones and Innovations Nov 02, 2020 Major milestones and innovations support Huber as a technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry.
Cannabis and Chocolate: Analytical Testing Challenges and Progress Oct 21, 2020 Recent work has shed light on the basis of chocolate sample interferences in potency testing of cannabis edibles.
A Glance at Next Generation Sequencing Technologies for COVID-19 Applications Oct 08, 2020 The successful application of NGS technologies to a problem of this scale and scope speaks to the power of innovation. Here are a few new NGS solutions for COVID-19 research applications.
Verder Scientific Celebrates 20th Anniversary in the USA Sep 30, 2020 Verder Scientific, a world leader in sample preparation and materials analysis technologies, is celebrating it's 20th anniversary in the United States
The Hemp Harvest in a Challenging Year Sep 16, 2020 The hemp harvest season is now upon us -- time to reflect on how far the industry has come this year and what may lay on the horizon.
Mass Spectrometry Wields its Might in the Battle Against COVID-19 Sep 09, 2020 Mass spectrometry once again wields its might, combating the COVID-19 pandemic from multiple aspects. Here is a brief look at some of the method development and collaborative efforts that are leading the charge.
LECO Instrument Solutions for Cannabis Moisture Analysis Aug 05, 2020 The study, “Determination of Moisture/Loss on Drying in Cannabis by Various Analytical Techniques”, sheds light on the use of new automated instrument solutions for superior accuracy, precision, and throughput across a range of cannabis sample types.
New Product Trends for COVID-19 and Infectious Disease Research Jul 22, 2020 New products and technologies are helping to arm scientists and medical professionals – providing the insight needed in the fight against this unprecedented viral disease.
ASMS 2020 Digital Conference Reboot: A LabX Review Jul 08, 2020 The purely digital “reboot” format for the conference this year made for an outstanding experience, rich with interactive, on-demand, and downloadable content -- in addition to some electrifying new product buzz.
The Microlab 600: A Liquid Dispensing Innovation Jun 19, 2020 The Microlab 600 is a unique dispensing technology that enables semi-automation of common, high-precision liquid handling and sample preparation tasks in the lab – simply and efficiently.
Food Solutions Through Rheology and Extrusion from Thermo Fisher Scientific: Infographic Jun 08, 2020 Thermo Scientific instruments for food rheology and food extrusion allow users to create, process, and monitor food products to have ideal texture, shape, mouthfeel, processability, shelf life, and more.
The Latest Products and Innovations in the Fight Against COVID-19 May 27, 2020 Bold innovations in sample collection, point of care detection, immunity profiling and other applications are adding new firepower in the fight against COVID-19.
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC): New Products and Emerging Applications May 13, 2020 New and emerging supercritical fluid chromatography applications have brought with them a host of new technologies -- with elevated performance, efficiency, and green chemistry as key drivers.
New Products and Solutions to Meet the COVID-19 Challenge Apr 29, 2020 Companies have stepped forward with innovative products in the areas of personal protective equipment, testing and diagnostics, safety and automation, and others in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Emerging Trends in Infectious Disease: Interactive Infographic Timeline Apr 23, 2020 The Emerging Trends in Infectious Disease Interactive Infographic is a living resource -- this post serves as a chronology of the infographic, citing ongoing developments in the areas of: Detection and Containment, Diagnosis and Treatment, Laboratory Equi
Cannabis Laboratory: Short-Term Challenges and Long-Term Growth for an Evolving Industry Apr 20, 2020 2020 was shaping up to be a benchmark year for the maturing industry. Although no one could have predicted the current pandemic and ensuing economic challenges, the storm that currently clouds the industry may give way to brighter skies in the months to c
Sartorius Tacta Pipettes: The Sustainable Solution for Today’s Cannabis Labs Apr 17, 2020 The Tacta family of pipettes from Sartorius offer the highest-quality and performance, while attending to the comfort and well-being of the professionals that use them. Tacta pipettes are the perfect solution for performance and sustainability in cannabis
2020 Pittcon: Showcase of Innovations in Research and Instrumentation Feb 25, 2020 As a vital resource, this annual event focuses on the latest in lab instrumentation and provides a forum for the science that drives technology innovation. Here is a snapshot of this year’s show.
The Latest Cannabis Extraction Equipment and Technologies Feb 20, 2020 The selection of extraction process depends on the intended targets, the resources available, budget, expertise, and the expanding needs of the operation. Here is a snapshot of the growing range of new extraction technologies available.
The iQ-Check Real-Time PCR Kit from Bio-Rad for Rapid Detection of Pathogenic Aspergillus in Cannabis Dec 04, 2019 The iQ-Check Aspergillus kit offers rapid detection of the four pathogenic Aspergillus species of concern, A. flavus, A. fumigatus, A. niger, and A. terreus, with high sensitivity and specificity in a range of cannabis sample backgrounds.
Analytical Cannabis Testing and the Importance of High-Quality Water Sep 18, 2019 High-performance water filtration systems, such as the arium® Series water purification system from Sartorius, provide long-term practical and economical advantages to cannabis testing laboratories and address the needs of this changing industry.
Taking the Plunge into New Temperature Control Products and Solutions Aug 21, 2019 The backdrop of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) annual conference provides a perfect opportunity to focus on exhibitors in attendance and explore new products spanning a range of important temperature control applications.
Stirling Engine Creates a New Class of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Aug 16, 2019 The Stirling engine has eliminated the risks of using decades-old technology, delivering advances in reliability, stability, efficiency, sustainability and, above all, long-term sample safety and integrity.
The Bio-Rad Droplet Digital PCR Publications Database Jul 23, 2019 With more than 6000 published studies and growing, nowhere is the power of Droplet Digital PCR technology further apparent than Bio-Rad’s expansive ddPCR Publications Database.
Progress Along the Frontier of Next-Generation Proteomics Jul 17, 2019 As the concept matures, next-generation proteomics promises to usher in a new layer of insight to complement NGS in the realization of true precision medicine. Advanced technologies showcased at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual meeting of
Trends in Liquid Chromatography: Faster, More Efficient, More Versatile HPLC May 14, 2019 Here we highlight a few new HPLC/UHPLC instrument platforms -- those which offer superior flexibility and performance for today’s unique analytical challenges.
The Advent of Intelligent LC-MS and GC-MS Technologies Mar 20, 2019 The “smart” laboratory trend has now expanded to include “intelligent” high-end analytical devices – aiming to increase workflow efficiencies and instrument productivity -- while reducing costs and instrument downtime.
Pittcon 2019: A Landmark Resource for the Latest in Discovery Science and Instrumentation Feb 27, 2019 Pittcon is a preeminent event for lab professionals to learn the latest in research and discovery, and to explore the products and instruments leading the way towards advancing science. Here we offer snapshots of exhibitors and presenters at the 2019 conf
New Pipetting and Liquid Handling Technologies: Innovations in Robotics and Process Automation Feb 06, 2019 Performance, versatility, ergonomics were product themes that prevailed over the past year. The next generation of emerging technologies promise to bridge these advancements together with fresh automation and robotic capabilities.
3 Mass Spectrometry Trends to Drive Omics Data Enhancement through Hybrid Technologies Jan 14, 2019 These trends may enable more complete biomarker panel validation, greater coverage in complex metabolomics areas such as lipidomics, and ultra high-resolution imaging of complex tissues such as brain.
5 Cannabis Industry Highlights in the Dawn of a Promising New Year Jan 07, 2019 Many new and emerging developments promise to make 2019 a truly epic year for the cannabis industry.
New Mass Spectrometry Technologies: A Greater Vantage Point for Research Dec 19, 2018 This year, many interesting developments entered the mass spectrometry field and, as the year draws to a close, it’s time to take a closer look at a few examples and note their impact in helping research attain an even greater vantage point than before.
Advancements in Brain Imaging Technologies Showcased at the Society for Neuroscience Conference Nov 27, 2018 The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience is a humbling experience. The electrifying hum of high-minded neuro-speak echoes among the attendees – over 30,000 strong. A resounding topic of discussion this year included new imaging technologies an
The 2018 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Expo: Highlights and New Products Sep 20, 2018 Here we offer a snapshot of the range and depth of technologies on display at this year's conference. We also take a moment to highlight an innovative product designed to address a common pain point in clinical medicine.
LabX Highlights of the 2018 Cannabis Science Conference Sep 11, 2018 The 3rd annual Cannabis Science Conference, held at the Portland Convention Center August 28-29, delivered an impressive crop of new products and services. Combined with exciting research and inspiring presentations, the meeting this year was a truly epic
The Ovation® Series Pipettes from VistaLab™ Technologies Aug 31, 2018 Innovative pipetting technology designed with user comfort and health in mind
New Products at SLAS Europe 2018 Promote Current Trends in Innovation Aug 24, 2018 Products showcased at SLAS Europe 2018 represent a range of advanced technologies designed to accelerate laboratory automation performance.
Complete Solutions for Microbial Testing of Cannabis / Cannabis Infused Products from Bio-Rad Laboratories Aug 23, 2018 The iQ-Check RT-PCR system, Prep Automation, and RAPID’Chromogenic Media provide fast and accurate methods for cannabis microbial testing and quality analysis.
New Technologies and Emerging Lab Essentials Showcased at Pittcon 2018 Aug 22, 2018 These technologies represent emerging innovation trends -- those destined to help shape the efficiency, productivity, and reproducibility of lab operations.
ASMS 2018: The Evolution of the Industry and the Reality of Next Generation Proteomics Aug 22, 2018 The evolving state of the industry and the reality of next generation proteomics - two themes evident at ASMS 2018 that may well change the MS world.
The PRO Scientific PRO Homogenizers and Generator Probes for Cannabis Processing and Testing May 09, 2018 The PRO homogenizers and generator probes from PRO Scientific are precision designed for the most demanding cannabis processing and testing applications.
The Artel PCS Pipetting Quality Management System Mar 27, 2018 A complete in-house solution for ensuring pipette performance, standardized and dependable operator technique, and compliance.
The New PCE-ISFET pH Tester from PCE Instruments Jan 17, 2018 Whether you’re looking for a compact, portable, or tabletop instrument, you‘ll find the best pH Meter / pH Tester for your application at PCE Instruments.
Snapshots of Cannabis Product Development Dec 13, 2017 To round out our brief look at the 2017 cannabis industry, here’s a couple of notable pharmaceutical and consumer product developments from the year.
LabX Highlights of the 2017 Society for Neuroscience Conference Dec 06, 2017 The myriad of new technologies and enabling solutions on display are driving research and offering promise for the ever-quickening pace of discovery.
Innovations in Cell Imaging and Multi-mode Detection Devices Dec 06, 2017 The Cytation line of instruments from Biotek are prime examples of innovation and efficiency in multi-mode detection.
Sample Prep Solutions for Mass Spec Research and Clinical Applications Sep 27, 2017 The continued development of effective sample prep solutions serve to lower the barriers of speed and versatility of MS analysis.
LabX Highlights of the 2017 Cannabis Science Conference Sep 13, 2017 The diversity of products, services, and technologies made the 2017 Cannabis Science Conference both informative and promising for the state of the industry
Cannabis plant material preparation for efficient extraction operations with Fritsch Pulverisette 19 Sep 11, 2017 The Fritsch Pulverisette 19 quickly comminutes large volumes of cannabis plant material for precise and efficient extraction.
Bruker`s New Software and Informatics Solutions to Empower Metabolomics, Proteoform Profiling, and Toxicology Jul 25, 2017 Bruker showcased a number of analytical solutions this year at ASMS as they celebrate 25 years of MALDI technology innovation.
The New Shimadzu MALDI-8020 Benchtop MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer Merges Size Efficiency with Instrument Performance Jul 25, 2017 Shimadzu has embraced the growing trend in size conscious MS instrumentation with the release of the MALDI-8020 benchtop MALDI-TOF at ASMS 2017.

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