Nadia Go: An Affordable Microfluidic System for Custom Protocol Development

The Nadia Go is a new system that combines the microfluidic technology with the customizable parameters

A compact, affordable microfluidic system for custom microfluidic and genomics research was launched on September 21st. This new system from Dolomite Bio combines the microfluidic technology underlying their Nadia Instrument, with the customizable parameters of the Nadia Innovate, granting access to the custom microfluidic protocol development without the necessity of large capital outlay.

Currently, most custom microfluidic research is performed using older complex modular systems. These are notoriously tricky and time consuming to set up, unreliable and require some level of expertise in microfluidics to be effective. In contrast, Nadia Go has a small footprint, no tubing, no PDMS, uses single use chips, and has a semi-automated set up, with parameters controlled through an easy-to-use PC software.

In addition to solving the drawbacks of modular systems, Nadia Go is a completely open platform, created with the “tinkerers” in mind. Using Dolomite Bio’s core pressure-controlled microfluidics technology, Nadia Go enables the development of user-defined single cell protocols and applications. Create, change, test, and save novel protocols and biological workflows through the adjustment of user defined parameters such as droplet size, droplet frequency, temperature, agitation, and timing. Plus, observe droplet formation in real time with the Nadia Go’s high-speed microscope and camera for easy process visualization. Giving researchers complete freedom from standard protocols and applications, as well as the liberty to create and share novel protocols with other users.

Mark Gilligan, the CEO for Dolomite Bio, spoke about the drive behind the Nadia Go launch "We’ve gone further to democratize science by developing the Nadia Go, a cost-effective system making microfluidics accessible to an even greater number of researchers."

This unique product is an exciting addition to any lab interested in custom microfluidic research, or to complement research performed using standardized applications on other instruments for single cell research. Whatever your research goals, you can customize, develop, and discover with the Nadia Go.