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The New Echo® MS+ system from SCIEX Couples Ultra-Fast Sampling Analysis with the High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Capabilities of the SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 system Feb 22, 2024 The Echo® MS+ system opens the door to high-throughput analysis of intact proteins, biomolecules, and challenging screening applications
A New Collaboration Finds a Match Between Liver-Derived Organoids and Automated Screening Technologies Feb 16, 2024 Such work may lead to a promising leap forward for disease research and drug development
Driving the Field of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics: eBook Feb 07, 2024 Exploring state-of-the-art solutions for oligonucleotide characterization, purification, and manufacturing
Automating 3D Biology and Unlocking Next-Generation Drug Discovery: Infographic Dec 22, 2023 The CellXpress.ai Automated Cell Culture System is designed to improve organoid development workflows and make assays more reliable and reproducible.
A Game-Changing Advantage in Biosafety Cabinet Monitoring Dec 13, 2023 The Integrated Particles Monitoring System (IPMS) provides real-time operator protection while helping to satisfy ISO-5 compliance requirements
Nitrogen-Free Controlled-Rate Freezers: The Solution for Cell Preservation Challenges Dec 11, 2023 The key to any cryopreservation protocol is ensuring variations in freezing conditions are kept to a minimum. A solution such as the CytoSAVER nitrogen-free controlled-rate freezer can take risk and variation out of the equation.
The Future of Clonal Isolation: Automated Single-Cell Dispensers Oct 20, 2023 This article briefly reviews current challenges in cell line development, specifically around clonal isolation, and how you can address these challenges.
Important Considerations for Processing Live Resin for Vaporizer, Infusion, and Concentrate Products Oct 20, 2023 The right techniques and equipment can mean the difference between top-quality product and unsalvageable material
Choosing the Right Syringe for Your Pumping Application Oct 20, 2023 The importance of the proper materials in minimizing contamination and maximizing consistency
The VERITY 3240 HPLC Pump: High-Performance Separations Power in a Compact and Efficient Design Oct 20, 2023 Advanced features and capabilities make the 3240 a welcome addition to the line of high-throughput VERITY purification systems
A Cost-Effective, Ultra-Versatile Platform for High-Throughput Oligonucleotide Synthesis Oct 15, 2023 The new Shasta from Sierra Biosystems maximizes efficiency and reproducibility in high-throughput oligonucleotide synthesis.
4 Routes to GC Lab Efficiency: Infographic Oct 13, 2023 Boost productivity through the modular design of the TRACE 1600 series GC systems
Tools and Solutions to Accelerate the Cell Line Development Process: An Interactive Journey Sep 30, 2023 This interactive infographic takes you on a journey of the cell line development process, offering insight into the right instruments and methods to drive the best possible outcome at each step of the way.
The ACCQPrep® SFC system: A Cleaner and Safer Alternative for Essential Preparative Chromatography Applications Sep 20, 2023 Teledyne ISCO’s new supercritical fluid chromatography system, ACCQPrep®, is a high-performance, environmentally friendly solution for preparative purification applications.
Upgrading Your NMR Instrument Console: The Right Alternative to Buying New Sep 13, 2023 An interview with Mike Frey, product manager emeritus at JEOL, discussing the pros and cons of upgrading versus buying new, as well as the motivation behind the new NMR Console Upgrade Initiative.
The Role of Instrument Vendors in Achieving Sustainability Goals for Your Lab Sep 08, 2023 The right partners can help you attain your lab's sustainability metrics for reduced resource use and environmental impact.
Lab Essentials to Advance Antibody Purification Aug 31, 2023 An infographic tour of cell line development, highlighting the right tools essential for successful antibody purification.
Vanquish HPLC and UHPLC Systems: Performance Matched with Sustainability Aug 31, 2023 An interactive tour of the state-of-the-art features designed to support resource sustainability, productivity, and performance
The NanoDrop Eight UV-Vis Multichannel Spec: The Solution for Superior Data Integrity and Lab Compliance Aug 17, 2023 Contaminant Analysis and Increased Throughput with Options to Support 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Rigaku Further Expands Its Handheld Platform Jul 21, 2023 The CQL Max-ID has the unique capability of providing situational analysis based on the user’s needs.
Advanced NanoDrop Features Enable Sample Purity Analysis, Quality Control, and Regulatory Compliance Jul 03, 2023 What once was a game-changing tool in the lab is now an indispensable solution for a wide range of lab processes and applications
Thermo Scientific Vibrational Spectroscopy: Trusted by experts, intuitive for everyone Jun 30, 2023 This digital infographic explores the Thermo Fisher Scientific portfolio of vibrational spectroscopy solutions—including near IR, multi-range FTIR, and Raman instruments—for a broad range of materials analysis application areas
The Novel Technology of the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Astral Mass Spectrometer Jun 20, 2023 Combining the power of a quadrupole, Orbitrap, and the new Astral Analyzer to drive insight in discovery and translational proteomics
The Science of Cannabis Consumables Grows and Diversifies May 17, 2023 Thanks to advances in cannabis genetics, cultivation, and extraction, the evolution of cannabis consumption has given way to a wider and more prolific range of cannabis products.
4/20: Growing Beyond the Day of Celebration Apr 18, 2023 As we celebrate 4/20 this year, we comment on a few interesting and important developments in the industry on the research, product development, and legalization fronts.
AI-Inspired Smart Analytical Instruments Debut at Pittcon Apr 06, 2023 The annual Pittcon conference was back in full force showcasing smart and efficient GC, LC, and MS innovations
Cell Culture Filtration Techniques for Cell Line Development Workflows Mar 08, 2023 A technical resource for cell line development and techniques for harvesting and purifying therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
New Automation Solutions for Mass Spec Debuted at SLAS Mar 02, 2023 A few developments announced at SLAS to support mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography automation workflows
Lab Automation Solutions for Efficient High-Throughput Workflows Feb 01, 2023 Automation-ready systems for cellular screening and analysis applications
Using Automation to Solve the Complexities of Organoid Development for Drug Discovery Jan 27, 2023 To stay at the forefront of research and drug discovery, labs must look beyond the current complexity of manual organoid development and testing workflows.
Animal Transfer Stations Vs. Animal Handling Biological Safety Cabinets Nov 11, 2022 Important distinctions in terms of airflow fundamentals, designs, operational techniques, and intended uses.
COVID-19 Diagnostics, Vaccines, and Therapeutic Antibody Development Oct 28, 2022 A timeline of COVID-19 developments and solutions to the challenges of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
Separations Science Acquisition Furthers Expertise and Partnerships Aug 13, 2022 LabX Media Group, the parent company of LabX, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Separation Science and related assets from Eclipse Business Media Ltd.
Insights on the use of ZipChip® CE-MS for Challenging Biotherapeutic and Proteomic Applications Jul 20, 2022 Presentations at ASMS showcased the ZipChip technology in oligonucleotide, AAV, proteomics, and metabolomics investigations.
Anton Paar’s 100th Anniversary: Overcoming Challenges to Change the World Jul 20, 2022 Small beginnings, milestone innovations, and a rich humanitarian legacy that lives on, the story of Anton Paar exemplifies what it takes to engage the world’s biggest challenges and to empower science.
GenTech Scientific and Conquer Scientific Join Forces and Become Allies in Analytical Instrumentation and Services May 09, 2022 The GenTech and Conquer union creates a global leader in the used and refurbished scientific instruments and services industry, offering a robust service network with unmatched resources and an unparalleled inventory of refurbished analytical instruments.
Detection and Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 and Emerging Pathogens in the Environment Mar 14, 2022 In response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, Sartorius has worked extensively with customers and stakeholders in the development of effective airborne detection solutions.
Immunoassay Innovations for the Future of Your Lab Feb 24, 2022 New research shows the potential for immunoassay improvements and alternatives in the near future, while new products are here to save you time in the lab right now.
Two New Liquid Chromatography Technologies to Start the New Year Feb 09, 2022 Innovative sample prep and UPLC surface technologies promising to increase efficiency and sensitivity for challenging workflows
5 Ways In-House Cannabis Testing Can Help Your Cannabis Business Jan 28, 2022 When it comes to cannabis cultivation, is in-house testing necessary? What are the benefits of being able to test your cannabis plants on-site?
New Time-Saving Lab Essentials for 2022 Jan 26, 2022 A look at new products that can save you time in the lab. From an alternative to centrifuges to a PCR cleanup system to new semi-automated pipettes, innovations are here to help streamline your workflow.
A Few Major Cannabis Developments to Start the Year Jan 19, 2022 We take a moment to review two recent developments that set the stage for major advancements in 2022
Elite LCMS Services: Maximizing Instrument Uptime and Efficiency to Accelerate Your Lab Jan 07, 2022 Whether you are a CRO or a lab focused on toxicology, diagnostics, or academic research, the personalized HPLC service provided by Elite LCMS will more than support your goals
Lab Essentials For the Holidays Dec 21, 2021 Looking to bring some holiday cheer to your lab? Or perhaps some lab-themed decorations to your own home? Here are a few ways to use your Lab Essentials for the holidays!
Cannabis Laboratory Product Roundup Dec 15, 2021 The end of the year is the perfect time to glance back at product developments over the past year and preview the emerging product landscape in 2022.
Weighing Your Options: New Products in the World of Laboratory Balances Nov 22, 2021 Laboratory balances are a true “Lab Essential” found in every lab. Here we explore some new products & tools that can help you find the perfect balance for your lab.
The Latest Products for Microbial Testing in Cannabis Nov 16, 2021 As cannabis regulations continue to evolve, so do the technologies and products designed to provide definitive results and to safeguard consumers. Here are a few of the latest microbial testing products.
The 2021 Hemp Harvest: Stories from the Field Sep 14, 2021 Several significant achievements in 2021 are helping to clear the path toward new found territory for hemp-based technologies. Here are a few recent stories from the field.
From Cool to Cold to Ultra Cold: Cold Storage Solutions for Your Lab Aug 20, 2021 Effective cold storage options are crucial to the lab. With all the options available, you need to be sure to consider what type of use your fridge or freezer is going to get as well as the spatial limitations of your lab before purchasing.
Gas Chromatography Product Updates Aug 11, 2021 Food and beverage testing, environmental, materials science, and cannabis are all experiencing a surge of activity, and new Gas Chromatography products and solutions are helping to fuel this trend. Here are just a few of the recent products in the mix.
Lab Hacks, Equipment Alternatives, and Custom Lab Solutions Jul 27, 2021 Lab hacks: what are they and why are they so popular? Lab hacks and 3D printing offer versatile options for your lab that you may not have previously considered.
Up to Speed with New Centrifuge Technologies Jun 30, 2021 The latest technology innovations bring advanced materials and flexibility into the mix and up to speed, making these workhorse devices more capable than ever.
Cleaning Tips for a Rotary Evaporator May 27, 2021 Keep your rotovap spotless with these tips
Rotary Evaporator Safety May 27, 2021 Rotovap safety to protect your samples, your time, and yourself
6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Rotary Evaporator May 27, 2021 Important considerations when looking to buy a rotary evaporator for your lab
How to Set Up a Rotary Evaporator May 26, 2021 The basics steps and hints to be aware of when you set up a rotovap
The Best Features That Every Rotary Evaporator Should Have May 26, 2021 Look for the rotovap options available for your distillation, drying, and extraction needs
How to Achieve the Best Rotary Evaporation Results May 26, 2021 Tips and tricks that every rotovap user can utilize
New Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Products and Trends May 11, 2021 A promising display of new LC and GC products are indicative of the health of analytical industries and the economy as a whole. Here are a few notable new releases.
Things You May Not Have Known About Antibodies and Their Applications May 04, 2021 Antibodies are the versatile workhorse of biomedical and life sciences research, and there’s more to that than you’d expect. As biopharmaceuticals, immunotherapy, disease prevention, and a potential solution to missing teeth, antibodies may surprise y
On-the-go Potency Testing for the Modern Cannabis Operation Apr 19, 2021 The modern cannabis lab is constantly evolving, and new portable testing solutions are making a budding appearance.
New Product Solutions in the Face of Research Laboratory Challenges Mar 23, 2021 Companies and researchers are rising to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic to help ensure lab essentials are available, not only for testing, but for essential research as well.
An Update on New Products and Trends for Cannabis Potency Testing Mar 17, 2021 Cannabis potency testing continues to grow in importance, beyond routine analysis in the lab. Here are a few new technologies designed to tackle challenges in the field.
4 Features of PCR that Underlie Its Power and Potential Mar 03, 2021 From humble roots to noble humanitarian cause, PCR has left an indelible impact on the world of science.
New Immunoassay and Laboratory Products for Vaccine Research Feb 23, 2021 Innovations to confront the challenges of viral vaccine research today and tomorrow
Liquid Chromatography and LC-MS Products to Start the New Year Feb 09, 2021 2021 looks to be a year of significant growth and innovation in the HPLC and LC-MS fields. Here are a few early developments in the new year.
Advancements in SARS-CoV-2 Testing and Research Technologies Jan 27, 2021 Here are a few notable developments that will continue to advance our understanding of COVID-19 throughout 2021 and beyond.
The Success of Beadbeater Bead Mill Technology in Life Science Research Jan 26, 2021 Adaptability and efficiency make beadbeating the ideal cell disruption technique in modern research labs
New Products to Confront the Growing Challenges of Food Safety and Testing Oct 28, 2020 Several new platforms have recently launched for foodborne pathogen analysis, those which may offer promising solutions to the growing body of food safety challenges.
The Hemp Harvest in a Challenging Year Sep 16, 2020 The hemp harvest season is now upon us -- time to reflect on how far the industry has come this year and what may lay on the horizon.
Cold Storage Solutions for the Lab, the Clinic, and the Field Aug 26, 2020 Innovative cold storage products support the biomedical work that is needed both in the current climate and for future applications. - such as storage and distribution of millions of vaccines.
New Liquid Handling Systems: Automating Tasks to Optimize Lab Workflows Aug 05, 2020 By automating tasks and increasing precision, new liquid handling technologies serve to streamline workflows and free up the hands of researchers to focus on the important stuff – the science.
5 Lab Water Myths and How to Avoid Them Aug 05, 2020 Lab water doesn't have to cost a fortune -- if you know what you are paying for...
Emerging Product Solutions for a New Cannabis Landscape Jun 17, 2020 The post COVID-19 landscape will incorporate new tools designed to address challenges in both the lab and the field -- technologies that may be essential as we move to higher standards of safety, efficiency, and automation.
Real-Time RT-PCR Test for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2: How Does it Work? Jun 02, 2020 Understanding the strengths and limitations of real-time RT-PCR is essential for examining the current virus outbreak and for those that may emerge in the future.
Cannabis Consumables and Critical Advancements in Testing Standardization May 20, 2020 Analytical methods standards organizations such as AOAC International are making significant headway in providing scientists and laboratories with consensus-driven, verified processes for universal food safety testing.
New Cannabis Sample Preparation Solutions: Monitoring the Plant and the Product May 08, 2020 Whether testing cannabis plants in the field or cannabis products and extracts in the lab, quality testing depends on high-performance sample preparation solutions.
Cannabis Laboratory: Short-Term Challenges and Long-Term Growth for an Evolving Industry Apr 20, 2020 2020 was shaping up to be a benchmark year for the maturing industry. Although no one could have predicted the current pandemic and ensuing economic challenges, the storm that currently clouds the industry may give way to brighter skies in the months to c
Sartorius Tacta Pipettes: The Sustainable Solution for Today’s Cannabis Labs Apr 17, 2020 The Tacta family of pipettes from Sartorius offer the highest-quality and performance, while attending to the comfort and well-being of the professionals that use them. Tacta pipettes are the perfect solution for performance and sustainability in cannabis
Digital PCR: Details and Emerging Applications of this Incredibly Powerful Molecular Tool Mar 10, 2020 Digital PCR or dPCR extends from traditional qPCR, namely in the accuracy and precision of absolute quantitation and the manner in which target DNA is measured. Here we explore details behind the application of this powerful technology.
New Liquid Handling Technologies and Drivers of Innovation Jan 29, 2020 With several key driving factors in mind, here are four important areas of current laboratory liquid handling innovation - low-volume dispensing, flexibility, miniaturization, and integration - and a snapshot of new technologies currently on the market.
2020 SLAS Conference: The Latest Innovations in Lab Automation and Screening Jan 14, 2020 Robotics, Single Cell Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence – three themes that shared the spotlight at this year’s Society for Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS) annual conference.
The Beadbeater and the Evolution of Mechanical Cell Disruption Technologies Dec 17, 2019 Beadbeating technology was developed and originally commercialized by BioSpec Products in the late 1970’s -- over time becoming the preferred method for laboratory cell disruption applications. Continued innovation has focused on the needs of labs to ac
The Latest Microplate Technologies: Expanding Laboratory Function and Extending Scientific Reach Sep 03, 2019 New microplate products are bringing techniques such as confocal microscopy out of imaging and screening facilities and into the realm of basic research labs and their applications.
Taking the Plunge into New Temperature Control Products and Solutions Aug 21, 2019 The backdrop of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) annual conference provides a perfect opportunity to focus on exhibitors in attendance and explore new products spanning a range of important temperature control applications.
ASMS Review 2019: Big Fish Emerge in the Sea of Mass Spectrometry Jun 25, 2019 The 2019 American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual conference was held in Atlanta Georgia Jun 3-7. Here are a few of the many impressive technologies that surfaced.
The Combined Power of LC-MS and Artificial Intelligence May 22, 2019 The power of AI is being integrated into liquid chromatography and other technology platforms, with the ultimate goals of alleviating bottlenecks and resource consumption while boosting efficiency and productivity.
CBD Potency Testing of Hemp-Derived Products May 07, 2019 As part of a series looking at safety and quality testing of cannabis products, this article focuses on analysis of hemp and methods for CBD/THC potency determination.
New Technologies Enhance the Speed and Accuracy of Flow Cytometry Workflows Mar 06, 2019 Multiplexed detection, automated workflows, and advanced focusing technologies – enabling breakthrough applications in the fields of immunology, oncology, cell therapy, and beyond.
New Pipetting and Liquid Handling Technologies: Innovations in Robotics and Process Automation Feb 06, 2019 Performance, versatility, ergonomics were product themes that prevailed over the past year. The next generation of emerging technologies promise to bridge these advancements together with fresh automation and robotic capabilities.
The Latest Liquid Chromatography Essentials Oct 23, 2018 <p>We take a look at new liquid chromatography columns and consumables designed to enhance data quality while addressing the major pain points of versatility, reproducibility, longevity, and other important concerns.</p>
Cell Imaging and Screening Applications Enabled by Advanced Microplate Technologies Sep 04, 2018 In this article, we explore novel applications and new products enabling breakthrough research in microscopy, stem cell biology, high-content/high-throughput screening, and other areas.
The Ovation® Series Pipettes from VistaLab™ Technologies Aug 31, 2018 Innovative pipetting technology designed with user comfort and health in mind
Laboratory Centrifuges: Advanced Features for Modern Applications Aug 25, 2018 Advanced features, precision control, and operator resources aim to extend centrifuge instrument capabilities and performance.
ASMS 2018: The Evolution of the Industry and the Reality of Next Generation Proteomics Aug 22, 2018 The evolving state of the industry and the reality of next generation proteomics - two themes evident at ASMS 2018 that may well change the MS world.
Mass Spectrometry and the Requirements for High Purity Lab Water Aug 22, 2018 Mass spectrometry is a highly sensitive technique, and accordingly, applications including trace analysis of complex mixtures require high purity water.
Lab Society: Professional Laboratory Consultation for the Cannabis Industry Jun 29, 2018 Lab Society specializes, not only in the manufacturing of the right equipment, but in consultation and training programs for the Cannabis Industry.
Cannabis-derived Prescription Medicines get the Green Light? Jun 13, 2018 We are on the brink of several medical and scientific achievements that will equal great success for the field -- developments which will play critical roles in shaping further legal and political activities going forward.
Genetic Sequencing and Polymerase Chain Reaction Technologies: Products and Emerging Trends Jun 03, 2018 Sequencing methods have evolved to encompass high-throughput, high-resolution methods based on advanced capillary and microfluidic technologies.
The Rotovap: Fundamentals and Trends in Rotary Evaporator Technologies May 22, 2018 Here we take a moment to cover the parts and operation of rotary evaporation systems, with a brief discussion of new product trends.
Liquid Chromatography: Technology Trends and Fundamentals May 15, 2018 We detail some of the fundamentals of liquid chromatography and examine emerging trends and new products -- with special focus on nanoflow and chip-based technologies.
Lab Water and the Impact on Liquid Chromatography Performance May 11, 2018 Poor quality data such as shifting retention times, loss of resolution, or ghost peaks could be an indication of contamination caused by lab water quality.
Immunoreagents and Emerging Applications in High-Resolution Imaging and Microscopy May 02, 2018 In addition to the proliferation of microplate imaging technologies, antibodies and immunoreagents have become invaluable in many advanced cell biological and physiological research areas -- such as high-resolution imaging and super-resolution microscopy.
Advances in Clinical Mass Spectrometry: Proteomics and Phenomics Apr 21, 2018 Beyond instrument horsepower, enabling solutions are needed more than ever to ensure quality and efficiency of upstream workflows. Here are recent examples.
IET Cannabis Testing Solutions: Quality Refurbished Instruments and Resources Apr 19, 2018 There are many challenges in the cannabis testing industry -- from a cost perspective, sourcing the right analytical testing equipment can of critical value.
Cannabis Testing Lab Equipment Essentials Apr 19, 2018 Many factors are at play in the cannabis testing business, and quality instrument vendors are sensitive to the needs and limitations of start up labs. The most important (and expensive) aspects involve securing the equipment, hiring the chemists and staff
Mass Spectrometry: Enhanced Instrument Efficiency for Environmental and Food Safety Testing Apr 18, 2018 Trends in instrument efficiency have led to the design of smaller more efficient technologies well suited for environmental testing, food safety, forensics, and remote applications.
GenTech Scientific: Cannabis Testing Lab Setup Apr 17, 2018 For those planning to enter the cannabis testing business, a sound strategy and a reliable partner for instrumentation and expertise is essential.
Heidolph Mixers and Temperature-Controlled Shakers Apr 16, 2018 Leading safety standards, superior ease of use, and reduced costs of ownership set the Heidolph family of mixers and shakers in a class of their own.
The Best Cannabis Extraction Methods for Marijuana Concentrates Mar 13, 2018 We detail various extraction techniques for the production of cannabis concentrates, offering insight regarding benefits and associated costs.
The Drummond Scientific Portable Pipet-Aid® XL Pipette Controller Mar 06, 2018 Building off the momentum of the long line of Pipet-Aid innovations, ergonomics and performance updates bring new levels of reliance to this trusted brand.
Gas Chromatography Product Snapshot: Modern Refinements to a Classic Technique Feb 27, 2018 This product snapshot focuses on new technology aimed at expanding the sensitivity and range of compound detection, while streamlining quantitative analysis.
State-of-the-art in Lab Automation and Liquid Handling Feb 07, 2018 On full display at the SLAS conference this year were emerging technologies and solutions aimed at accelerating discovery and streamlining lab operations.
Cannabis Science Hits Its Stride Dec 13, 2017 2017 witnessed an array of achievements in research, pharmaceuticals, education, and policy – evidence of significant progress and a case for true optimism.
Progress in 3-D Imaging Microscopy and Brain Mapping Dec 06, 2017 High-resolution mapping of neurons and neuronal connectivity in the brain has required innovative multi-beam electron microscopy approaches.
Modern Laboratory Temperature Control Devices Merge Efficiency with Cost of Ownership Aug 29, 2017 Warming baths and chillers serve a range of duties in the lab, and intended use, capacity, efficiency, and operational costs play major roles in choosing the right device.
Testing Equipment and Solutions for Cannabis Analysis from GenTech Scientific Jul 11, 2017 From a start-up perspective, quality refurbished instruments can maximize a lab’s budget, as the proper equipment can be obtained at a fraction of the cost.
OWN IT NOW is a Revolutionary New Purchasing Channel from EquipNet Jul 04, 2017 OWN IT NOW from EquipNet provides users with a revolutionary new sales channel to purchase equipment outside of a traditional auction format.
Pipettors: Five factors to consider in your purchasing decision Feb 23, 2017 Pipettors are an absolute must have and accuracy, functionality, and durability are important aspects to consider when purchasing or upgrading.

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