A Game-Changing Advantage in Biosafety Cabinet Monitoring

Biosafety Cabinets (BSCs) provide a clean, contaminant-free workspace for biological agents and hazardous samples in the lab. While essential, these devices also require regular air quality monitoring to ensure protection of operators and to maintain ISO-5 safety compliance. Existing methods for air monitoring—such as the use of external particle counters or large internal systems—can be resource- and cost-intensive challenges for many BSC labs.

The new Integrated Particles Monitoring System (IPMS) from TopAir Systems is an innovative solution to BSC air monitoring. State-of-the-art performance features include:

  • Detection sensitivity of ≤ 0.3 µm particles using an integrated monitoring probe
  • Constant data processing to provide real-time feedback
  • Visual and audio alerts to advise operators of possible contamination
  • Clear indicators signaling safe ISO-5 level compliance
  • Built-in filter integrity and air flow monitoring capabilities

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