5 Lab Water Myths
(and How to Avoid Them)

Lab water doesn't have to cost a fortune -- if you know what you are paying for...

Brand awareness is more often the result of non-stop marketing, as opposed to non-stop performance.

Ultimately, the consumer pays for that marketing.

The most expensive systems are frequently too costly to operate and to maintain.

The more direct the path between manufacturer & consumer, the more affordable the consumables.

If a cartridge seems absurdly expensive, that's a sure sign there are a lot of stops (and markups) in between.

Let's face it... 18.23 MΩ is as pure as water gets.

Lots of systems can achieve that purity.

The real value is in system durability, warranty, and the ongoing costs of consumables.

Great systems come from all over the world.

A lab water system is worthless, however, if the replacement parts and consumables are expensive and not readily available.

Investigate your system and its supply chain before purchasing.

Costly consumables often result in shared systems (and that's NOT considered social distancing).

Believe it or not, there are dependable systems that are so affordable everyone can have their own.

So do your research... it pays!