The Drummond Scientific Portable Pipet-Aid® XL Pipette Controller

Ergonomics and performance updates bring new levels of reliance to the trusted Pipet-Aid® brand.

Drummond Scientific is a manufacturer of a wide range of microdispensers, microinjectors, micropipettes, pipette controllers, and innovative liquid handling tools for the laboratory. Many product innovations have set new standards for precision, safety, and ease of use. In 1972, Drummond introduced the first Pipet-Aid pipette controller which changed pipetting in the laboratory forever.

Building off the momentum of the long line of Pipet-Aid innovations, Drummond has now released the Portable Pipet-Aid XL pipette controller.

  • New ergonomic features are designed to reduce user fatigue and strain. 
  • A more efficient and powerful pump is aimed at increasing productivity and reducing downtime. 
  • Features such as an advanced nose piece, multiple speed settings, and increased pipetting precision make the Portable Pipet-Aid XL an ideal upgrade from the Original Portable Pipet-Aid controller.

Pipette users are often confronted with certain challenges and pain points, particularly in relation to cell culture lab work.

Working under the hood presents difficulties such as fatigue due to arm strain and repetitive movement. Handling the weight of the pipette controller while maneuvering the materials required during cell culture work can have adverse and lasting effects on the user. Likewise, stepwise pipette filling and dispensing can have negative impacts on both the user and the work, especially if this involves extensive repetition (such as cell screening applications) or if the pipette controller is unwieldy and difficult to handle.

The Portable Pipet-Aid XL alleviates much of the ‘pain’ associated with these issues by the use of a new ergonomic design and several intuitive features.

  • A longer lightweight handle is designed to lower the users arm position and reduce strain.
  • The objective includes reducing the amount of arm lift required to perform the same operation as a conventional pipette controller.
  • The ergonomic design includes an adjustable sliding hand rest and a removable stand, which enables the unit to be set down without contaminating the pipette.
  • These advancements are meant to significantly increase productivity over the Original Portable Pipet-Aid and other conventional devices.

Risk of pipette contamination is one of several potential issues in dealing with sterile technique in the hood.

A weak or underpowered pump can have significant ramifications on culture media contamination and pipetting precision. As well, a pipette controller nose piece that is not up to the task can have negative consequences on experiments and lab workflow in general.

  • The XL accounts for these limitations by the use of a quieter, more efficient pump which handles the necessary workload and extends the operation period between controller changes.
  • The XL can be charged while in use to eliminate downtime – a valuable upgrade from the Original Portable Pipet-Aid.
  • The new EZ Grip nosepiece is meant to ensure liquids are handled with care by preventing spillage and loss of precision during pipette filling and dispensing.
  • The EZ Grip functions as an upgrade to the Original Pipet-Aid nosepiece while maintaining the filtered protection from cross-contamination used in this earlier device.

Better precision is always a demand, and the XL does not fall short in this regard.

  • Three-speed settings provide more precise control for use in both the pipette filler and the dispenser modes.
  • This flexible feature is a notable upgrade from the Original Pipet-Aid -- which itself exhibited an impressive flow rate better than 5 mL/sec.
  • Better flow rate performance coupled with high efficiency pump action and reduced user fatigue translates to significantly greater levels of precision no matter the cell culture application.

The Portable Pipet-Aid XL pipette controller is outfitted with a number of parts and accessories to extend the reach of this new technology.

  • The unit is supplied complete with power supply and charger, a holster style wall bracket, and a removable stand.
  • Also provided are 4 extra nose piece self-locking filters, which are available in sterile and non-sterile versions.
  • The device is 10 inches in length, 8 ounces in weight, and uses a 3.6 V Ni-MH rechargeable battery.
  • The controller accepts a range from 1 to 100 mL volume pipettes.
  • Nearly all of the controller components are available as replacement parts.

Drummond also offers a range of useful web resources including device specific troubleshooting guides, warranty information, and contact information for foreign and domestic distributors. Literature regarding blood safety collection, instrument datasheets, as well as the Drummond catalog are accessible as well. In addition, Drummond is an OEM design and manufacturing company, specializing in the production of precision micro transfer devices for a wide range of scientific and clinical applications.

The Portable Pipet-Aid XL pipette controller is a major upgrade from the Original Portable Pipet-Aid in terms of ergonomics, performance, and overall usability.

Testimonials from satisfied users speak volumes about the design and quality of the XL – endorsements that fit well with the company’s motto: “At Drummond we are proud of our reputation for quality. It enables us to gain the confidence of our customers around the world.”

"I've been using a Drummond Pipet-Aid in cell culture hoods for 20 years. When we got a Pipet-Aid XL in our lab, I wasn't sure what to make of it. Why change the good old Pipet-Aid? As soon as I used it during a long experiment in the cell culture hood, I was sold. It's angled so that you can set your elbow down and continue to pipet correctly. This is so helpful during long experiments when normally your arm would get fatigued. We use it with the attachable stand so it can be set down with the pipet still attached. We love this pipet in our lab! Pipet-Aid XL rocks." — Laurie Davidson, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University)

This article was written by LabX and published in conjunction with Drummond Scientific

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Article updated November 2019