Laird Thermal Systems Launches the SuperCool X Series

Refrigerant-free, Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies boost cooling performance in enclosures, chambers and cabinets

Laird Thermal Systems, a global leader in thermal management solutions, has unveiled its new SuperCool X Series thermoelectric cooler assembly. This series utilizes next-generation thermoelectric coolers featuring advanced semiconductor materials, enhancing cooling performance by up to 10% compared to previous models.SuperCool X series on a white background

Key features of the SuperCool X Series include:

  • Advanced Cooling Technology: Incorporates high-performance heat sinks and fan shroud assemblies, facilitating faster heat transfer to ambient environments.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for sample storage compartments in analytical instruments and medical diagnostic chambers with limited space.
  • High-Performance Thermoelectric Coolers: Uses advanced thermoelectric materials to increase cooling capacity while maintaining a high coefficient of performance (COP), minimizing input power and reducing heat rejection.

The SuperCool X Series offers three model types, providing multiple heat transfer mechanisms:

  1. Liquid-to-Air Models (SLAX): Cooling capacity up to 400 Watts.
  2. Direct-to-Air Models (SDAX): Cooling capacity up to 220 Watts.
  3. Air-to-Air Models (SAAX): Cooling capacity up to 175 Watts.

All models are refrigerant-free, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional compressor-based systems, ensuring precise temperature control.

Andrew Dereka, Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems, stated, “The SuperCool X Series addresses market needs for smaller form factors, higher cooling capacities, and environmentally friendly solutions with no global warming potential.”

The SuperCool X thermoelectric assemblies are versatile, suitable for both heating and cooling applications, with custom configurations available upon request.