Bringing the Power of Miniaturization to More Researchers with Mosquito® Gen3

SPT Labtech launches mosquito Gen3 to revolutionize nanoliter liquid handling in genomics

SPT Labtech, a global leader in automated instrumentation for life sciences, has expanded its portfolio with the new mosquito Gen3, a compact and accessible model designed for cost-effective next-generation sequencing (NGS). Debuting at the Festival of Genomics in Boston, this innovative instrument enables advanced miniaturization technology, making it accessible to more laboratories.Mosquito® Gen3 on a white background

The mosquito Gen3 offers precise multi-channel pipetting from 500 nL to 5 µL, featuring rapid plate-to-plate motion across three deck positions, and a small benchtop footprint. Its use of pre-sterilized micropipettes prevents cross-contamination, ensuring data integrity. Developed with leading scientists, its software supports quick method implementation and sharing, facilitating novel application miniaturization.

For higher throughput needs, the mosquito HV genomics model provides the same accuracy and volume range with additional deck positions.

mosquito technology transforms genomics workflows by reducing reagent consumption and scaling down reaction volumes without compromising data quality. Its true positive displacement technology maintains accuracy across all liquid classes and conditions, enabling miniaturization of over 40 NGS kits, including industry standards like Illumina Nextera XT and NEBNext® Ultra™ II.

Kamila Koprowska, Product Manager at SPT Labtech, highlights the importance of automated liquid handling in modern genomics labs, noting that miniaturization offers substantial cost savings and extended reach of precious samples and reagents. The expanded range of low-volume liquid handlers now provides solutions for laboratories of all sizes and resources.