Newest Series of ES Electronic Valves

Ideal for Low Leak, Long Life Applications

CINCINNATI, OH — Spider technology is renowned worldwide for exceptional leak resistance and long life. Clippard developed, patented, and perfected this spider technology. Ideal applications have exceeded 1 billion cycles with this technology which utilizes one moving part that travels a mere 0.007” during operation. This single moving part with a short stroke enables the ES series to operate with exceptional reliability.

The ES series features large cross-sectional o-rings, minimal leak points, and proven poppet designs. All mounting hardware is outside of the flow path for the ES, and no internal parts are threaded during assembly to reduce the possibility of contamination. The ES has the best performance-to-price ratio for low leak valves.

The compact footprint coupled with the long life, and exceptional leak resistance make the ES line suited to improve reliability in a wide range of applications including biomedical, dental, test equipment, oxygen control, textile, packaging, pressure control, automation, and portable systems.

  • Over 1 billion cycles
  • 0.01 atm sccm leak rate
  • No threads in flow path
  • Fast response – 5 to 10 ms
  • No anaerobic sealant
  • Multiple low flow ranges
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