New Heracell Incubators Support the Future of Fully Automated Labs

First-of-its-kind innovation for CO2 Incubators delivers new features that support emerging automated cell therapy production processes

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ VIOS™250i AxD CO2 Incubators, designed to advance workflow automation in cell therapy production. These cutting-edge CO2 incubators are engineered for seamless integration into automated and modular laboratories, ensuring optimal cell growth conditions and minimal contamination risk.The Heracell on a white background

The Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubators feature patent-pending automated door control, allowing the incubator doors to open automatically when integrated with centralized lab automation platforms. This innovation supports robotic vessel loading and unloading, streamlining continuous cell therapy production processes.

Ideal for emerging cell therapy manufacturers, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies, the Heracell VIOS Incubator modernizes cell therapy production without compromising on contamination control. This advanced incubator design addresses the industry's need for automation, enabling the production of cultured cells with high quality and efficiency.

“Automation could play a vital role in producing therapies more economically and safely, reducing human handling and complex processes that limit the availability of cutting-edge cell therapies,” said Douglas Wernerspach, Senior Business Director at Thermo Fisher. “The Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubator brings us closer to a fully automated lab, accommodating multiple large sample vessels across various workflows.”

The Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubators support large-scale automated cell therapy production with features such as in-chamber HEPA filtration to protect cultures from airborne contaminants, Thermo Scientific™ THRIVE™ active airflow for uniform culturing conditions, and the Thermo Scientific Steri-Run™ Cycle for achieving a 12-log sterility assurance level.

By enhancing cell culturing conditions and supporting critical quality attributes, the Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubators represent a significant advancement in automated cell therapy production, ultimately contributing to improved human health through efficient and safe cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

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