TrueTag Donor DNA Kits Accelerate Cell Line Engineering

New kits enable researchers to skip clonal isolation step

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Invitrogen TrueTag Donor DNA Kits* provide a straightforward toolset to simplify and accelerate cell line engineering with CRISPR-Cas9 or TALEN technology. With the kits, researchers can enrich tagged cells to obtain up to 100 percent of edited cells. This enables them to skip the time-consuming clonal isolation step and save up to four months on their genome editing experiments compared to traditional gene tagging workflows. Adding to time savings, these off-the-shelf kits provide templates and clean-up columns to generate donor DNA with a one-step PCR workflow—no cloning required.  

The expanded portfolio of TrueTag Donor DNA Kits supports four types of locus-specific knock-in templates: 

·        Fluorescent tagging kits: Add a fluorescent tag to visualize and study localization of an expressed protein. 

·        Epitope tagging kits: Add an epitope tag to a protein for isolation and localization studies when an antibody is not available. 

·        Stem cell fluorescent reporter tagging kits: Tag a protein to observe activation behaviors upon stem cell differentiation. 

·        Knockout enrichment kits: Knock out a gene of interest via insertion of stop codons, plus markers to enrich and visualize edited cells. 

Thermo Fisher offers TrueTag Donor DNA Kits for fluorescent and epitope tags including GFP, RFP, BFP, Myc, HA, 6xHis, YFP, and DDK.