Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Unveils the LCMS RX Series

The new mass spectrometry series ensures reliable and robust results at lower cost

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the LCMS RX series, an advanced line of triple quadrupole mass spectrometry instruments designed to deliver reliable and robust results at lower operating costs, even in the most challenging laboratory environments.The new LCMS RX series on a grey background

Innovative Technologies for Superior Performance

The RX series incorporates a suite of cutting-edge technologies that set a new benchmark for reliability, resilience, and responsibility:

  • CoreSpray™: Enhances reliability by improving gas flow and nebulizer coaxiality, ensuring superior heat distribution for unparalleled sample ionization and analytical data reliability.
  • IonFocus™ Electrode: Now standard across all RX models, it effectively removes matrix contaminants, reducing noise levels, improving data quality, and minimizing maintenance needs.
  • UFMS Technology: Builds on Shimadzu’s sensitivity and Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry capabilities, offering dependable data acquisition and robust performance.

Robust and Efficient Performance

The LCMS RX series ensures robust performance under challenging conditions with enhanced software that autonomously monitors the system, reducing the need for manual intervention. The Performance Concierge feature proactively evaluates system performance, troubleshoots issues, and notifies operators of maintenance needs, effectively minimizing downtime.

Responsible Operation for Cost and Environmental Savings

The RX series includes an Ecology Mode function that automatically shuts down the instrument after sample queues are completed, reducing power consumption and operational costs, thereby minimizing the laboratory’s environmental impact.

Models in the LCMS RX Series

  • LCMS-8045RX: Ideal for routine analysis, offering a balance of robustness, sensitivity, and cost-effectiveness with improved stability and ease of use.
  • LCMS-8050RX: Builds on the LCMS-8050, offering high-speed operation and excellent sensitivity, with increased robustness and user-friendliness.
  • LCMS-8060RX: Shimadzu’s premier model, delivering exceptional sensitivity and remarkable robustness, surpassing the LCMS-8060NX in sensitivity and rapid analysis capabilities with added RX series enhancements.

The LCMS RX series sets new standards in mass spectrometry, combining advanced technologies with practical features to ensure reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible laboratory operations.

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