New Arium® Mini Extend with Flexible Arm

Compact design integrates Type 1 water purification with a flexible dispensing unit

Sartorius, a leading life science group, has introduced the Arium® Mini Extend, an advanced member of the Arium® Mini family. This compact, ultrapure water purification system is designed to fulfill Type 1 water requirements in laboratories, catering to general, life-science, and analytical applications with unmatched flexibility and convenience.New Arium mini extend on a white background

The Arium® Mini Extend integrates a versatile, ergonomic handheld dispenser, a user-friendly digital display, and the renowned Arium® Bagtank technology into a space-saving design. This innovative system enhances laboratory workflows by featuring an independent volume control function on the dispensing unit, which broadens the access area for ultrapure water and optimizes processes that involve frequent dispensing. The system is equipped with intuitive menus and a 5-liter Bagtank for purified water storage, ensuring seamless operation and maintenance.

Evelyn Marschall, Product Manager of Lab Water at Sartorius, emphasizes the value of the Arium® Mini Extend, stating, "Its small footprint and exceptional ease of use make it ideal for any lab environment, offering versatility with different Arium® finishing filters for sterile filtration or endotoxin removal at the point of dispensing."

The Arium® Mini Extend is available in two models: the Arium® Mini Essential Extend, designed for pretreated water feed, and the Arium® Mini Plus Extend, suitable for potable tap water feed. An optional UV-lamp feature enables the achievement of TOC levels ≤5 ppb. Both models are compatible with SterilePlus or CellPlus end filters, ensuring consistent and reproducible results across a broad spectrum of applications, from life sciences to analytical chemistry.

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