The Spectrus Manager JS Will Help Unlock the Value of Instrument Data

Multi-technique, vendor agnostic data, uniformly assembled with chemical context, is now broadly accessible to scientists

ACD/Labs, an informatics company that develops and commercializes software in support of digitalized R&D, today announced the continuing evolution of their software to browser-based applications with the release of Spectrus Manager JS. The software will help unlock the value of instrument data for lab and data scientists, and help organizations meet digital transformation goals.

Spectrus Manager JS provides scientifically intuitive querying of assembled, contextualized experimental results; and interactive access to LC/UV/MS, GC/MS, NMR, Optical, and other analytical data from all major instrument vendor formats. The capability to store interpreted spectral and chromatographic data with metadata creates a centralized database of knowledge; and data can be reprocessed and re-interrogated in the same browser-based application. Heterogenous analytical data is standardized to be machine accessible for data science applications, and available beyond ACD/Labs’ ecosystem. On premises or hybrid cloud deployment ensures the security of data and intellectual property.

“We have been supporting R&D labs with tools to digitalize chemical and analytical data-centric workflows for 30 years,” says Richard Lee, Director of Core Technologies at ACD/Labs. “We continue to migrate and enhance our tools that have been central to scientists’ decision-making for decades to improve accessibility, ease IT overhead, and meet the needs of the lab of the future with an API-forward tech stack. Browser-based, searchable access to digital twins will empower scientists with on-demand access to the data they need to make decisions, eliminate barriers to collaboration, improve productivity, and ultimately accelerate innovation.”

Digitalization projects often reduce analytical data to abstracted text and images due to its heterogeneity, limiting usability. Re-use is also difficult due to the number of software interfaces necessary to interact with the different types of raw data. While ACD/Labs’ applications on the Spectrus Platform already addressed these challenges, Spectrus Manager JS further eases data access, software deployment, and maintenance. Deployed in conjunction with Spectrus Conduit, ACD/Labs’ recently introduced low-code/no-code application for workflow automation, Spectrus Manager JS helps organizations achieve FAIR-compliance in analytical data digitalization while meeting their productivity goals.