New Spex® SamplePrep Planetary Grinding Mill

Featuring an intuitive touch screen, easy-to-operate jar clamping system, and sleek modern design

METUCHEN, NJ, — Pulverize rocks, minerals, sand, cement, slag, ceramics, glass, and other brittle to hard samples with the new Spex 8200 Planetary Mill. It features an intuitive touch screen, easy-to-operate jar clamping system, sleek modern design, forced-air cooling, and safety interlock. Loading a grinding jar into the mill is effortless with the ergonomic design. The programmable touch-screen interface can store up to 10 run protocols. This high energy ball mill is ideal for size reduction, nano milling, powder blending, emulsions, and slurry grinding. 

This grinding mill functions by moving the jar, containing the samples, in a circular motion combined with the rotating movement of the sun wheel. The jar appears to be emulating a planetary movement as it moves. During each jar rotation, the balls impact the sample and the walls of the jar to mill and mix the sample. Because of the amplitude and velocity of the clamp’s movement, each ball develops high centrifugal forces, enough to crush the toughest materials.

Additional features include adjustable clamp speed from 300 to 600 rpm, maximum speed of 3500 rpm, and 1.5 horsepower. The jars and balls, designed for this grinding mill, are sold separately with hardened or stainless steel options.

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