New Range of PORO–FRIT™ Filters

New filters deliver even flow through profile at both the center and edges

Biotech Fluidics announce a new range of multilayer stainless-steel filters for larger bore elevated temperature and corrosive processing applications. Benefiting from proprietary “Closed Edge Technology” these unique PORO–FRIT™ filters deliver an unmatched even flow through profile even at the filter edges.Close up on PORO-FRIT edge

Available in a wide range of diameters from 20-200 mm, and with a porosity between 2 and 20 microns, these multilayer sintered wire mesh filters are self-standing and inherently stable. Delivering market leading performance, these filter elements can lower your costs by providing longer on-stream life and years of trouble-free service. In addition, Biotech Fluidics multilayer stainless-steel filters are easily cleaned thereby reducing your disposal costs.

Produced from 316L stainless-steel, these high-performance filters are ideal for process applications up to 600⁰C and come passivated with full batch and traceability documentation.