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Snapshots of Cannabis Product Development

To round out our brief look at 2017 developments in the cannabis industry, here are a couple of notable pharmaceutical and consumer product achievements from the year.

In the latest chapter of the Epidiolex saga, GW pharmaceuticals has recently filed a NDA with the FDA seeking approval for treatment of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome. The decision by the FDA is expected in mid-2018. If approved, Epidiolex would be the first plant-based CBD drug for human treatment – a sizable step in direction of safe and effective plant-based cannabis therapeutics. The result will likely have an overall positive influence on the medical marijuana field as a whole.

In the wake of clinical data to suggest it’s medical uses and the absence of negative health effects, CBD has seen a rock star-like rise in interest and fan following. Beyond clinical investigations of CBD therapeutics, many companies are developing CBD applications for use as a nutraceutical or supplement – with an entertaining variety of products from which to now choose.

Of course, there are edibles in the form of gummies and others, which can include a range of flavors and dosages. Gummies continue to be a preferred standard in the edibles world as the dosages and tolerances are generally well controlled.

As far as CBD topicals, oils and salves have been the norm until this point. Several companies are investigating transdermal patches for controlled delivery. Some companies have expanded the traditional definition of topical to include roll-on gels and even sunscreens. The gels are meant to ease pain and swelling while the sunscreen is meant to protect skin via SPF formulation while also medicating with a dose of CBD.

These are a mere snapshot of developments in CBD pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. 2018 is certain to bring a host of new and exciting surprises as the cannabis field continues to grow. Who knows what we’ll see – part of what makes cannabis so interesting from a scientific perspective.