New Addition to CryoBio Series Offers Improved Access to Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Haier Biomedical Launches Advanced Wide Neck CryoBio Series for Secure Cryogenic Storage

Haier Biomedical, a leader in low-temperature storage equipment, introduces the Wide Neck CryoBio series, enhancing liquid nitrogen storage with easy access and intelligent monitoring. This new generation is designed for the cryogenic storage of plasma, cell tissue, and other biological samples in hospitals, labs, research institutes, disease control centers, biobanks, and more. Key features include:New wide neck CryoBio on a white background

  • Wide Neck Design: Facilitates easy access to all racking stacks.
  • Enhanced Security: Double lock, dual control, and three password-protected user levels.
  • Improved Lid Design: Integral vent reduces frost and ice formation.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Touchscreen system with real-time status and IoT connectivity for remote access and data auditing.

Complementing the CryoBio series, Haier Biomedical offers the YDZ LN2 supply vessels in 100 and 240-liter models, featuring a self-pressurizing design for efficient liquid nitrogen discharge. These vessels are CE and PED certified, ensuring compliance and safety.

This innovative solution ensures secure, convenient, and efficient storage and handling of critical biological samples.

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