The SCIEX 7500+ System Launches at ASMS 2024

The newest mass spectrometer in the SCIEX quantitative portfolio, building upon a legacy of reliable, sensitive quantitation

At ASMS 2024, SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, introduced the SCIEX 7500+ system, the latest advancement in their quantitative mass spectrometry portfolio. This new system builds upon SCIEX's legacy of reliable and sensitive quantitation, addressing the critical need for both high sensitivity and rapid analysis to meet increasing scientific demands.SCIEX 7500+ on a black background

The SCIEX 7500+ system offers enhanced resilience and improved user-serviceability across diverse sample types and workflows. Key features include:

  • Mass Guard Technology: This proprietary technology actively filters out contaminating ions, reducing the risk of instrument contamination and maintaining high sensitivity for up to twice as long compared to previous models, particularly with complex matrices.
  • DJet+ Assembly: Fully removable for front-end serviceability, maximizing system uptime.
  • Unprecedented Speed: Capable of 800 MRM per second, the fastest SCIEX Triple Quad to date, supporting large quantitation panels and incorporating new compounds, thus boosting lab productivity.
  • Enhanced SCIEX OS Functionality: Allows users to track instrument performance and automate decision-making, reducing the potential for failed batches and repeat measurements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Compatibility with dry roughing pumps reduces electricity consumption by 24 percent compared to oil-sealed pumps.

Joe Fox, President of SCIEX, emphasized, “The SCIEX 7500+ system meets the growing demand for high-sensitivity testing across diverse sample types. It ensures sustained high performance, even with complex matrices.”

Discover more about the groundbreaking SCIEX 7500+ system and how it can elevate your lab's productivity and performance.