STRmix Team Releases DBLR™ v1.4

Updated tool enables kinship analysis and rapid database searches

DBLR™ v1.4, developed by the creators of STRmix™, has been launched to enhance forensic analysis capabilities. This updated version of the investigative application is pivotal for Kinship analysis, enabling forensic labs to process millions of DNA likelihood ratios (LRs) more efficiently. Integrated with STRmix™, DBLR™ v1.4 assists in handling mixed DNA profiles that were previously too complex or degraded, speeding up database searches, visualizing DNA mixture evidence value, and supporting mixture-to-mixture matches.

The latest update incorporates the Amelogenin locus into all LR calculations across DBLR™ modules, a feature that was absent in earlier versions. Dr. Maarten Kruijver, the developer, highlights the inclusion of sex consideration in kinship LR calculations in DBLR™ v1.4, which enhances the accuracy of family relationship evaluations.

DBLR™ v1.4 also utilizes STRmix™ deconvolutions for Amelogenin locus, aiding forensic labs in varied applications such as unidentified human remains identification and intelligence generation for cold cases. The software supports STRmix™ users in applying population stratification, utilizing sequence-based data, comparing DNA mixtures directly with known profiles, and constructing detailed pedigrees for advanced kinship calculations.

Coupled with FaSTR™ DNA, another software by the same team that analyzes raw DNA data, STRmix™ and DBLR™ complete a comprehensive workflow from analysis to interpretation and database matching. These tools have been integral in producing legally admissible DNA evidence in over 530,000 criminal cases globally, and are now utilized by 85 organizations in the U.S. and 27 international forensic labs.

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