The PRO Scientific PRO Homogenizers and Generator Probes for Cannabis Processing and Testing

The growing cannabis industry has led to greater rates of cannabis production and product manufacturing. Cannabis testing and quality control continue to be critically important, as new products emerge and regulations evolve. Solutions to ensure uniformity and consistency in cannabis analysis are essential for the safety and reproducibility of testing.

The PRO homogenizers and generator probes from PRO Scientific are precision designed to provide the reliability and consistency required for demanding cannabis testing applications.

Potency testing and quality control of raw cannabis material is critical in the measurement of cannabinoid production and the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Medicinal cannabis in particular requires accurate analysis to ensure dosages and safety profiles are fit for patients.

PRO Homogenizers are suitable for small start up and established labs alike, to help in processing and testing of safe and effective products.

PRO Homogenization Products for Cannabis Analysis

The PRO250 Homogenizer is a lightweight device with power and torque suitable for processing larger and more difficult raw cannabis materials and products. The ¾ hp 576-watt variable speed motor can handle a wide range of sample sizes. The unit can be outfitted with a number of probes ranging in diameter from 5 mm to 30 mm and sample processing sizes of 0.05 ml to 5L. The rpm range of 10,000 to 30,000 and 72 dB noise emission add to the performance and efficiency of operation. The device can be post mounted or hand-held for convenience. Take a look at a video of the PRO250 in action.

The Bio-Gen PRO200 is a small yet powerful hand-held homogenizer ideally suited for analytical preparation of cannabis products, such as gummy bears, candies, and other consumables. The 144-watt high torque variable speed motor allows for fast and quiet homogenization of smaller volume samples. With generator probes ranging in size from 5mm to 20mm in diameter, the Bio-Gen PRO200 is capable of sample sizes ranging from 0.05ml to 500ml. The device has a speed range of 5,00 to 35,00 rpm and can be either post mounted or hand-held. View the Bio-Gen PRO200 in action.

PRO Scientific offers a number of Cannabis Homogenizing Packages that provide total solutions for a range of viscous and non-viscous sample sizes ranging from 500ml up to 5L, depending on individual package specifications. The kits include: PRO250 homogenizer, generator probe, acetal resin, deflector head, and storage case.

Key Features of PRO Homogenizers for Cannabis Analysis

The PRO homogenizers are ideal for cannabis testing and product analysis, as mechanical homogenizers exert 1000 times more energy than traditional stirring methods. This allows the fluids to be mixed more efficiently, including: Fluid-fluid (even viscous liquid, such as BHO can be easily homogenized), Fluid-solid, and Solid-solid (without liquid medium, lower bearing material will be custom changed).

Mechanical homogenizers produce a higher quality and better performing finished product, due to reduced particle size and increased particle uniformity.

Operation of the PRO Scientific mechanical homogenizers is intuitive and simple, and no formal training is necessary to operate the equipment. Reviewing the operating manual before initial use provides the end user all the necessary information they need to operate a PRO Homogenizer.

PRO rotor-stator homogenizer generator probes are precision crafted with a very narrow clearance between the inner rotating shaft and outer tube/chamber. This allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing.

Other value-added features include:

  • Maintenance free motor units.
  • Generator probes which are easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble without affecting performance.
  • Generator probes manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel for resistance and durability.
  • Generator probes with narrow clearance design, increased uniformity, and limited foaming activity.
  • High shear numbers and faster processing times.


The PRO Scientific PRO series mechanical homogenizers offer performance well-suited for demanding cannabis processing and product analysis.

The available options, accessories, and cannabis homogenizing packages provide total solutions for a wide variety of testing applications.

This article was written by LabX and published in conjunction with PRO Scientific.

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PRO Scientific is a global leader in the manufacturing of homogenizers for both laboratory and industrial labs. PRO homogenizers are able to homogenize various types of material, such as tissue, plant, food, soil, cosmetics and many others.

From micro sample volumes to larger multi-liter processing, there is a PRO Homogenizer to suit your needs. PRO Scientific even offers homogenizing solutions to address your automated multi-sample homogenizing and OEM homogenizer needs.