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X Line™ High-Performance Objectives from OLYMPUS

A Breakthrough in Lens Manufacturing and Performance

If your work demands objective lenses with broad chromatic aberration correction, uniform images, and a high numerical aperture (NA), the X Line delivers all three.

See the X Line Objectives in action

Expanded Flatness for Uniform Images

Acquire high-quality images with greater uniformity from the center to the edge, even with a large field of view. Learn more

Exceptional Color Reproducibility

The highest quality* broad chromatic aberration correction from 400–1000 nm results in much better color reproducibility during brightfield and multicolor fluorescence imaging. Learn more 
*As of December 2018, according to Olympus

Excellent Image Quality

The objectives' high numerical aperture enables you to acquire high-resolution, bright images. It's especially helpful for minimizing phototoxicity/photobleaching during fluorescence live cell imaging experiments. Learn more