A Comprehensive Guide to Cryostat Machines and Cryosectioning

Cryostat instruments are critical tools for sectioning tissue samples into slices for pathological evaluation. The ability to rapidly freeze and section animal, plant, or human body tissue samples requires both capable instruments and precision operation.

Understanding the proper operation, defining best practices, and learning to successfully troubleshoot can be vital to maximizing cryostat performance. Identifying key features to look for when purchasing a cryostat can be essential when equipping your lab with the right tools.

This Guide offers a comprehensive view of cryostat and cryosectioning processes. Topics include:

  • The working principles of cryostats
  • Protocols for immunohistochemical experiments
  • Best practices for different types of tissue frozen sectioning
  • Precautions before, during, and after cryosectioning
  • Cryostat troubleshooting
  • Eight tips for choosing the right cryostat machine
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