Automated Liquid Handling: Resources to Match Products with Solutions for Your Lab

Manual pipettors are essential tools for the lab. Improvements in accuracy, precision, functionality, and even ergonomics have increased data quality and output. Multipipettors and pipetting robots have expanded the range of functionalities and the rate at which liquid handling can be performed. Automated liquid handling systems have taken pipetting tasks to the next level, incorporating robotics and automation to drive high-throughput, high-efficiency applications.  

As a leading-edge technology, automated liquid handling has enabled many challenging applications. However, it is not always clear what performance specs and features make one system preferrable for a given application. Fortunately, there are resources to assist in identifying the right system and the right provider is there for your needs. Here are a few online tools to help the process.

Hamilton hosts an automated liquid handler comparison site which allows users to view specifications and establish which instrument fits your needs

Also featured on the Hamilton website is the liquid handler applications database. Like the HPLC applications database, this site lists various applications, such as agriculture and cannabis, and features product-specific application notes. In the application area of “Automated solutions for genomics research”, for instance, Hamilton’s Microlab STAR platform was leveraged in an automated workflow for cell-free circulating DNA (cfDNA) isolation. View the application note.

Perkin Elmer hosts an “Automated Liquid Handling Solution Spotlight” which categorizes instrument solutions in the context of specific applications. The site offers examples of third-party sample analysis kits successfully coupled with Perkin Elmer liquid handling systems. For example, the NEXTFLEX DNA-Seq kits automated for use of Perkin Elmer BioQule NGS Systems.

A gallery of method-based applications are also available on the Perkin Elmer site, including solutions for NGS library prep automation, automated PCR setup, small scale protein purification, and others.

ThermoFisher frames their liquid handling solutions in the context of Lab Automation. Lab automation workflows are defined for a series of operations, for instance instrument loading, sample screening, and high content imaging.

Opentrons hosts a New Lab Startup Program, where step-by-step advice is offered for getting your lab automation options up and running.

Tecan showcases their Support and Services offerings with a range of solutions. TE-CARE service contracts ensure a global field service is available to minimize downtime and maximize productivity of lab automation. The certified field service team can install and repair systems on-site, while training specialists make sure Tecan instruments are used to their full potential.

Whether you’re looking to maximize output, integrate operations, or secure support services, chances are there is a lab automation solution available to suit your needs.

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