The post harvest stage of plant material processing begins with breaking down the stems, leaves, and flowers such that the crushed product can be used in extraction or further processing. Although there are many distinct strains of cannabis, there are two main categories of use. Hemp is used as a source of fiber in manufacturing of textiles and a host of other versatile materials, while cannabis extract is an important source of phytochemicals for medicinal and other purposes.

The ability to effectively mill cannabis, whether it be the stalks and stems for hemp applications, or the leaves and flowers for medicinal needs, depends on the power, performance, and in certain cases throughput of the device.

The Fritsch Pulverisette line of cutting mills are designed to offer versatility in processing a range of materials and robust operation to ensure reliable performance. Samples are processed by cutting and shearing forces, and sieves determine the final fineness of the products. Various knife configurations and replaceable blades support durability and flexibility. Steel or tungsten cutting tools protect against abrasion problems.

The design of the grinding chambers in these mills results in minimal dead space and exchangeable sieve cassettes makes operation and cleaning straightforward. A number of patented features on these mills add significant power and performance over industry standards.

There are several models based on size, utility, and speed. The Pulverisette 15 is an effective and inexpensive model, that cuts medium-hard, soft, and fibrous material with a maximum throughput of 50 liters per hour. The Pulverisette 19 is a universal tool that cuts brittle and tough material in addition to those mentioned, with a throughput of 60 l/h.

The Pulverisette 25 is a power cutting mill offering pre-crushing of larger samples. The device can handle a similar range of materials as the previous device, with a throughput of 85 l/h. The Pulverisette 25/19 is a combination cutting mill, performing both pre-crushing and fine comminution in a single step.

The advantages of a company such as Fritsch, with a diverse line of cutting mills suited for a range of applications and scale, is that proven technology and reputation go into every product. As operations grow in scale and complexity, the equipment can grow with you.