Tools and Solutions to Accelerate the Cell Line Development Process: An Interactive Journey

Cell line development (CLD) is a critical process required in the production of therapeutic biologics and antibodies. Although important, the multistep CLD process can be fraught with challenges and inconsistencies without the right tools and automated solutions.

This interactive infographic takes you on a journey of the cell line development process, offering insight into the right instruments and methods to drive the best possible outcome at each step of the way. Learn how you can:

  • Design vectors and confidently screen candidates
  • Automate sequence verification and prepare sequence libraries
  • Automate transfection and selection steps
  • Screen high-producing clones for scale-up
  • Manage data acquisition and analysis
  • Characterize, grow, and expand mAb production

With solutions to eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate workflows using automation, Danaher provides an extensive portfolio of instruments, software, and services to drive the CLD process. Check out the infographic to learn more about the CLD process and these innovative solutions.

Check out this exclusive interactive infographic!