Environmental Testing Chamber Buying Guide

Choosing the right features and specifications for your applications

Environmental testing chambers are used to simulate and test the effects of various environmental conditions on products, materials, and components. When shopping for an environmental testing chamber, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that you choose the right one for your needs.

Size and Capacity

Chambers can range in size from small benchtop units to large walk-in rooms. Consider the types of samples and tests to be conducted and be sure the system can accommodate the size and scale of the testing.

Temperature Range

Environmental chambers are designed to test various parameters of materials or products. Temperature-only systems test steady-date or temperature cycling over a range and defined temperature increments. Be sure the unit can cover the required range and accuracy for testing. Consistency of temperature throughout the chamber during steady-state and cycling is also an important consideration.

Humidity Control

Humidity control is an important parameter for testing the performance and durability of materials and products. Be sure to consider the capabilities of humidity control and whether testing requirements can be met.

Load and Fatigue

Some testing applications, such as mechanical or structural testing, require the ability to apply load and stress to samples. In these cases, consideration must be made regarding load, pressure, and stress capacities.

Altitude Simulation

Certain testing applications involve the simulation of high (or low) altitudes. In this regard, be sure units have the ability to accurately recapitulate these conditions.

Safety Features

Testing chambers can generate heat, gases, and excess pressures. It’s important to consider safety features such as over-temperature alarms, gas leak detectors, and relief systems to ensure safety in the testing environment.

Brand, Reputation, and Price

Consideration should be given to the reputation of the brand, reviews and recommendations, and customer service. Price is always an important factor as well in determining value and the return on investment.

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