LabX's Labs of the Future Webinar Series Features Six Sessions over Two Days

Eleven speakers will discuss a wide range of topics, from integrating artificial intelligence to increasing automation in the lab, and much more

The world of laboratory science is constantly evolving at a rate that can sometimes feel impossible to keep pace with. Fortunately, LabX is hosting a free two-day digital event (March 27-28) that will showcase several of the latest advances in laboratory technology. From new tools and AI to innovative workflows and automation, understanding how these advances can be integrated into your lab can maximize efficiency and improve your research.

Registering for the Labs of the Future event will allow you to join live sessions on March 27-28 and participate in discussion periods with the speakers. You will also be granted access to watch all the videos on demand after they have aired.

Over the two days, there are scheduled to be six presentations with a total of 11 speakers, all of whom are experts in their fields:

  • The first session (March 27, 11am EDT) will cover the importance of data integrity and laboratory connectivity in an increasingly digital world. The talk will be hosted by three speakers from Sartorius—Victor Kravchuk, Ferencz Paldy, and Sandra Söderholm—and will cover various new strategies for digital management and new tools for maintaining reliable data.
  • The next session (March 27, 12:30pm EDT) is hosted by Dr. Daniela Cavagnino from Thermo Fisher Scientific and will be focused on how analytical testing laboratories can benefit from shifting to automated workflows, specifically around sample preparation and GC-MS analysis.
  • The third session (March 27, 2pm EDT) will feature experts sharing automated workflows that helped alleviate pain points in 3D organoid and 2D cell cultures. This talk will be hosted by Oksana Sirenko, PhD, from Molecular Devices, and will discuss how these workflows benefit drug discovery and disease modeling.
  • The last session of the day (March 27, 3:30pm EDT) will feature Kenda LJ Evans, PhD, from Agilent as they discuss how the Bravo Liquid Handler can save researchers time and money.
  • The first session of the second day (March 28, 11am EDT) will involve three presenters from Malvern Panalytical—Paul Senior, Robert Taylor, and Joe Wolfgang—who will discuss new, digital advances in particle size analysis. Specifically, this group will be showcasing the Mastersizer 3000+ and its AI tools.
  • The final presentation of the Expo (March 28, 2pm EDT) will be discussing the work Dewpoint Therapeutics is doing to develop molecules capable of modulating condensates to treat disease. The presenters Crystal McKinnon and Sangram Parelkar how their custom robotic platform has helped balance high content imaging with resolution in their phenotypic screening approach.

See all these talks live or on demand starting March 27-28 by registering now.