PULVERISETTE 19 Precision Milling System for Biomass & Isolate Processing

The PULVERISETTE 19 Precision Cutting Mill System for Biomass and Isolate Processing

With a torque of up to 30 Nm, the PULVERISETTE 19 comminutes dry to medium-hard sample materials and fibrous materials and plastics with reliable reproducible results with a maximum feed size of 70 x 80 mm and a throughput of >1-8 lbs/min, depending on material properties.

Automated process control capabilities

Rotor speed ranges 50-700 rpm, 300-3000 rpm, variable adjustable

Optimised clean design for maximum ease of cleaning

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel version 316L available

Maintenance–free 2.8 kW three-phase motor with frequency converter

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