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The ACCQPrep HP150 HPLC System from Teledyne ISCO: Product Review Infographicinfographic  |  hplc  |  chromatography  |  purification  |  preparative chromatography  |  sponsored content  |  

- Product - REVIEW

The ACCQPrep® HP150 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography System from Teledyne ISCO

Achieve High Performance Preparative Liquid Chromatography simply, without compromise

Teledyne ISCO manufactures a wide range of products for professionals working in water pollution monitoring and abatement, engineers and managers involved with wastewater process control, and scientists involved in field and laboratory work.

The ACCQPrep HP150

  • Straightforward
    Complete control of the system on one screen
  • Compact
    Designed to take up minimal lab space
  • Flexible
    Compatible with Teledyne ISCO Automation Modules and other detection systems for maximum efficiency

Unique Design Eliminating the Need for Complex Integration

  • PeakTrak® software controls both ACCQPrep and CombiFlash® Systems
  • Use of PeakTrak® eliminates the need for a standalone PC controller
  • The ACCQPrep is a compact unit with integrated touch screen interface

Confidence through Active Solvent and Waste Monitoring Systems

  • Active monitoring system reduces the risk of solvent spills
  • All sample and collection racks are RFID coded
  • The potential for missed sample tubes is eliminated

Innovative ACCQPrep HP150 Focus Gradient Generator

  • The user is prompted to run preset scouting gradient
  • The target peak is selected for purification
  • The focused gradient is automatically programmed into the system

Compatibility with Teledyne ISCO Automation Modules

  • Autoinjector Module - multiple runs on the same sample
  • AutoSampler Module - multiple samples, injections, and LC conditions
  • Column Selector Module - automatically switch columns as needed

Compatibility with Purlon Mass Spectrometers

  • Optional mass directed fractionation for each purification
  • PeakTrak® software single point control of all MS parameters
  • Three models available to meet the needs of specific applications

Standard Features:
15 inch touch screen interface
Flow rates from 1 to 150 mL/min
Operating pressure up to 6000 psi (400 bar)
UV or UV-Vis plus ELSD and MS options

Additional Chromatographic Features:
Number of solvents - binary gradient; 2 solvents standard; 2x3 solvents optional
Programmable gradients - linear; step; isocratic
Internal fraction collector