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The Aeris XRD System from MALVERN PANALYTICALinfographic  |  x-ray diffraction  |  xrd  |  material testing  |  crystallography  |  structural analysis  |  

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Unleash the potential of your material

Aeris is a quality player on your team. One who's dedicated to getting you the best crystallographic data and advancing your materials knowledge, with a dedication to precision, reproducibility, and robustness.

Flowers in Chania


Aeris is a high-quality X-ray diffractometer, producing best in class X-ray diffraction data from all types of polycrystalline samples. The system makes measurement easy, combining a one-step sample loading mechanism with a straight forward measurement interface.

Aeris continuously displays your data as it is being collected  it saves all instrument settings and associated data in dedicated xrdml files for subsequent analysis by a choice of methods.

This combination of usability and performance takes your lab work to a new level  giving you better information and deeper insights so you can get to the answers more effectively, refine your materials, and advance your knowledge.

Performance and Advanced Capabilities

Until now, XRD has been a complex 'expert only' activity. By having a simplified process, you can concentrate on the data that really matter to your research:

  • Optimize your sample prep
    Learn a reproducible and successful sample prep method for consistent and reliable results, every time.
  • Search the materials landscape around your target property
    Have you found a process or material that works for you? How far can you stray from the many process and composition parameters before you lose the efficacy that you require? By automating the analysis, you can investigate a range of variants on your material to see how processing, non-ambient, and composition changes affect your material's performance.
  • Tailor the measurement to the sample type
    Using grazing incidence X-ray diffraction, you can focus on surface regions of your samples and more effectively measure the crystallographic properties of thin films and coatings.
  • Reach a true understanding of crystal structure dynamics
    With transmission X-ray diffraction, you can obtain excellent quality transmission powder diffraction profiles. Crystal structure refinement becomes a mainstream method, opening up your knowledge of molecular processes in your materials.
  • Be assured that your results can be trusted
    With Omnitrust you can record and audit every measurement and every configuration setting. Your system is fully compatible with regulatory requirements for data integrity.