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NuAire is a leader in scientific laboratory equipment and is well-known for its high-quality fume hoods, incubators, ultra-low freezers, isolation cabinets, and additional lab solutions. The recently released NuWind line of general purpose centrifuges offer versatility for a wide range of applications and laboratory operations. With advanced features and capabilities, these devices expand the NuAire portfolio and continue the tradition of high-quality products and services for which NuAire is known.

The modern catalog of NuAire products derives from an extensive pedigree of technology development. In response to a 1971 NIH review and mandate for better biological safety containment, NuAire founder Max D. Peters designed a modern-day biological safety cabinet. The technology was subsequently awarded the NIH contract to produce the cabinets system-wide, and since that time, the company has advanced further into containment solutions and beyond. NuAire now offers an array of safety cabinets, airflow workstations, fume hoods, incubators, ultra-low temperature freezers, animal containment workstations, as well as a wide range of accessories and parts.

The recently released NuWind general purpose centrifuges are designed specifically to meet the needs of laboratory separation applications. The line includes benchtop and floor devices - both refrigerated and ventilated models - which provide large capacities and a small footprint – ideal for spinning conical tubes, blood tubes, microplates, bottles, and more. The units offer reliable operation for processing, harvesting, pelleting, and separating blood, cells, and other materials critical for many laboratory procedures.


Beyond quality – versatility and efficiency are prevalent themes throughout the NuWind centrifuge line.

The NU-C200R General Purpose Bench Top 2 Liter Refrigerated Centrifuge is an efficient and capable instrument:

  • The device has a high capacity (4 x 625 mL) for its small bench top footprint (26.6 x 24.8 x 12.7 in) making it ideal for space conscious labs.
  • The ClickSpin technology allows for easy exchange of rotors with no tools required.
  • The Insight Electronic Control Center is an innovative plug-and-play touchscreen interface which allows expansive operator control.
  • The unit provides precise temperature control and end-of-run display notification to ensure maximum sample protection and instrument performance.
  • Safety features include: rotor recognition, imbalance protection, power factor control, and an autolocking lid mechanism.
  • Use of CFC-free refrigerant and the use of RS232 data connectivity add to the efficiency and accessibility of the instrument.

The NU-C200V General Purpose Bench Top 2 Liter Vented Centrifuge offers similar performance features as the NU-C200R – incorporating the First Air Ventilation System in place of standard refrigeration.

  • This device has an even smaller footprint than the NU-C200R (18 x 23.8 13.7 in).
  • The Insight Electronic Control Center, ClickSpin rapid rotor exchange, power factor control, rotor recognition, and other safety features seen in the NU-C200R are incorporated into the design.
  • The First Air Ventilation System cools the rotor and motor to maximize instrument performance and longevity.

The NU-C300R General Purpose Bench Top 3 Liter Refrigerated Centrifuge has extended capacity (4 x 750) with a similar small footprint as the NU-C200R (30.3 x 26.8 x 13.8 in).

The NU-C300V General Purpose Bench Top 3 Liter Vented Centrifuge offers similar performance and capacity as the NU-C300R with the First Air Ventilation System.

The NU-C300RF General Purpose 3 Liter Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge is available as a full-sized alternative to the benchtop models.


The NuWind line incorporates advanced features and innovations that set these centrifuges notably apart from other technologies.


ClickSpin technology allows for easy exchange of rotors without the need for tools or extensive handling. To change the rotor, the operator simply aligns the motor spindle with the new rotor and listens for the audible “click” as it locks in place. Unlocking the rotor is a simple task as well. The operator twists the red dial on the top of the rotor until an audible “click” indicates it can then be lifted out of place.

InSight Electronic Control Center is an innovative plug-and-play control center with a touchscreen interface and a series of advanced functions. Up to 100 programs can be accessed using a QWERTY keyboard. The operator can set speed (RPM or RCF) and choose from 9 acceleration slopes and 10 braking slopes. Imbalance calibration utilizes onboard software. The unit has audible alarm for end-of-run notification, as well as an end-of-cycle light that illuminates indicating samples are safe for removal. A microprocessor maintains a log book record of accessories and notifies the user when to check for new accessories or to perform maintenance.

First Air Ventilation System, available on non-refrigerated models, draws air into the front of the centrifuge by the vacuum created by the spinning rotor. At the same time, air is pulled through the motor cavity, keeping both the rotor chamber and the motor cool and protecting the samples as well as the longevity of the unit.

Other advanced features include: rotor recognition to ensure rotor speed is not exceeded, imbalance control to detect and alert of excessive vibrations, and power factor control which ensures uniform voltage and amperage are supplied to the motor to enhance the repeatability of runs.


The NuWind line of centrifuges possess performance capabilities unmatched by traditional technologies.


The small footprint, run protection alerts, and ease-of-use features make these centrifuges ideal for space and efficiency conscious labs. The range of instruments - bench top and floor models with or without refrigeration - make these devices ideal for a wide array of applications. Coupled with top level support and service, the NuWind line of centrifuges is an outstanding addition to the growing portfolio of NuAire products.


This article was written by LabX and published in conjunction with NuAire.

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