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The OLYMPUS Provi™ CM20 Incubation Monitoring System

Cultivating cell cultures can be a costly, complicated, and time-consuming process.
Now, there's a simpler way with the CM20 incubation monitoring system.

The CM20 system provides quantitative data remotely — place the head and your cell cultures in the incubator and the system will periodically scan it, count the number of cells, and determine confluency.

The data are wirelessly communicated to a PC or a tablet through an optional router, so you can monitor your cultures' progress without entering the clean room.

Label-Free, Multipoint Cell Culture Monitoring

  • The CM20 system acquires data from label-free cells, minimizing the chance of harm to cultures.
  • The head scans multiple points in the culture vessel to track the health and confluency of the cells.

Consistent, Reproducible Results

  • The CM20 automatically measures cell conditions using constant analysis parameters, eliminating potential variability introduced by different operators.
  • Observation data is recorded and can be easily stored or transferred, helping to ensure different operators and labs use the same analysis parameters.
  • Use of multiple heads enables use of control samples, allows multiple simultaneous test protocols, and permits sharing of data and comparison with past data.

Cost Effective

  • The option to set notifications for when cells are ready helps ensure cell passage accuracy.
  • Comparison of current and past data enables detection of abnormalities early in the process — saving time and resources.
  • Since the system is label-free, there is no need to grow extra cells for cell staining and the peeling process.

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